Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Food Wednesday Failure

So - I have now spent an hour - going to all my favorite food newspapers & blogs trying to find some "perfect" recipe to share with you.

I have found NOTHING. 

Instead, you will have to live with a recounting of my Monday night. After I got done with all the prep work for the Christmas Luncheon for Tuesday, (which went smashingly, btw) I went to the movies.

As you all know, I am friends with Dr. Whiney, Esq. He is a lovely, talented man (who drives me insane). Currently he is looking for "something more" in his life. I think this is very understandable. I think we all want to feel like we're contributing and making a difference. Sometimes we start out on a path that we think will fulfill us (like becoming a lawyer) and find a few years in that there is too much bureaucratic-bullshit in this world (or in government, no matter what country you live in) to make a difference (in your lifetime).  So we change career paths and become doctors. (Clearly you know when I say "we" I mean HIM, 'cause lord knows - becoming a doctor is right up with with joining the Armed Services so people can yell at me on my list of "career paths to avoid at all costs" in this life).

And yet - still - "our" professional life is lacking. "We" can see we're making a difference in people's lives - but it's on such a small scale. And there is so much broken in the system. WHAT TO DO??  We've (both of us) have been exploring this question in our lives. (like Food Ministry for me - and something more macro & bigger for him with medicine/politics/law).

My bright idea was to look at non-profit organizations that let you make a difference in a bigger way. His idea is still unfolding. But it is my job as a friend to make sure he has my support - and that I also bury him with an avalanche of information. (no thank you's necessary).

Which is how I, a non-gore person, who gets queasy at the MENTION of blood - and lightheaded at the sight of a needle ON TV - found herself in a theater Monday night watching "Living in Emergency". WHAT THE HELL WAS I THINKING?

A movie about Doctors without Borders (aka Médecins Sans Frontières) in war-torn countries with GRAPHIC images of gangrene, intestines, throw up, blood, and more blood and who the hell knows what else (unless you're sitting next to Dr. Whiny who want to EXPLAIN the procedures WHILE YOU'RE LOOKING AWAY FROM THE SCREEN) is a stupid idea. 

Adding to the STUPIDITY of me going to this movie was the fact that I like to be at things on-time - and therefore arrived at the theater before the afore said, "Dr.Whiney-time-is-flexible-and-relative-unless-you're-in-the-ER" ... and had to sit through the first 20 minutes of the movie WHERE THEY CUT OFF A MAN'S FOOT with this WIRELIKE SAW (not unlike a cheese cutter apparatus) by myself.

Now - we know I wasn't WATCHING the screen after they showed the "saw" and I figured out what was going to happen - but because they wanted to "put you right there" (gee- thanks independent filmmakers!) I heard in SURROUND-SOUND STEREO the SOUND of the sawing. And the GRUNTS of the surgeon. I assume the man was under anesthesia (or unconscious) because I did not hear him scream or throw-up. Although had the scene gone on for a few more seconds, I'm sure I could have provided the audio for the puking sound.

I spent most of the night watching the walls and the faces of the people in the rows to my left and behind me. (Which is what I do when I  attend horror movies - or a suspense-flicks - or murder-mysteries).  Which probably explains why I don't go to the movies or watch TV.

However - I think it was effective in its message about what is important in this world - and how individuals can make a difference. As I sat there - seeing the emotional turmoil and stress these doctors deal with in 3rd world countries, I found myself wishing that he won't apply. They said 1000s apply every year for the international teams but only a very small percentage are accepted.

Of course, my wish isn't because I don't think he could handle the conditions - we discussed how similar they are to the ER - especially since he works in lower-income communities - or doesn't have the right skill set, I think he has so many skills and assets - but because I fear the toll it would take on him emotionally. And yet, can you be an agent of change without emotional risk?
Okay - so maybe today's "Food Wednesday" post is really about "Food for Thought".    

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Anonymous said...

I can't believe you let ANYONE talk you into a movie like that !!!!!

I, too, went to the show yesterday afternoon with 2 friends; we saw The Blind Side. Now, that movie you would have enjoyed ! It was about Nelson Mandella and his personal drive to wipe out aparteid. Very well done.

I hope you are feeling more Christmasy than I am - *~*. Miss you ! tp