Saturday, September 17, 2005

100 things

  1. I find other things to do when faced with tasks I don’t want to do
  2. Some people call this procrastination
  3. When I tell people I was born and lived in California for 20 years, they assume I lived on a beach or near Disneyland
  4. I did not see the ocean until I was 6 years old
  5. My first (and only) trip to Disneyland was in 4th grade
  6. I grew up in Northern California (where there’s water)
  7. I always thought Northern California was anything north of San Francisco
  8. We were always going “south” to visit our family in the San Joaquin Valley
  9. Imagine my surprise when I learned Southern California was below Bakersfield!
  10. After living in California for 20 years, I “grew-up” in Arizona
  11. I have been away from Arizona for 7 years … yet I still miss it
  12. Since 2001 I have lived in a state with no parallel roads
  13. It also has trees – very TALL trees
  14. You must know where you’re going to take a short-cut here because …(see 13) and guessing doesn’t work too good
  15. I have ended up in other towns when taking a shortcut
  16. I believe I get this uncanny knack of finding “shortcuts” from my mother
  17. Once she led us on a mountain shortcut that ADDED 4 hours to our trip
  18. Of course we didn’t know that when we started out …
  19. One part of the shortcut was impassible, so we took an another “shortcut”
  20. It ADDED an ADDITIONAL hour to the trip
  21. A car almost ran us over a cliff on this new part
  22. My mother wanted my dad to turn around and follow the car
  23. She said she wanted to give the driver, “A piece of her mind”
  24. My grandmother said she didn’t think my Mom could afford to do that
  25. ...........…. It was VERY quiet in the car for a long time!
  26. We were driving from our campsite in one canyon to my Aunt and Uncle’s cabin in the next canyon over .... 30 miles as the crow flies
  27. We left at 9:00 am for a day of “good fishing”
  28. By the time we got to the cabin it was time for Happy Hour at the Gold Cup Bar
  29. Happy Hour is AFTER 5:00 pm when the sun has gone down on the river and you can’t catch anymore fish…
  30. It wasn’t very happy
  31. It lasted more than an hour
  32. We took the “long” way home
  33. And got there in 2 hours!
  34. Now that gas has become so expensive I don’t think I can afford to take “shortcuts” in this new state
  35. YES, both my Mom and I know how to read maps!
  36. I love Mexican food …
  37. Real Mexican food from Sonora and Baja Mexico
  38. Real Mexican food DOES NOT have “plastic” cheese on it (or in it)
  39. I love to cook
  40. A dinner does not come out of a box, bag, or the frozen food section …
  41. It is made from “scratch”
  42. I find it very hard to enjoy home cooking that includes Velveeta cheese
  43. I grew up learning a balanced meal included fruits & vegetables
  44. My Mom said, “Potatoes, Corn, and Hominy” were starches, not vegetables
  45. Vegetables are green and leafy
  46. Out here they list all three as vegetables on the menu
  48. I have never heard of the "Macaroni and Cheese" tree, bush, or plant … or seen a field of it
  49. I think “they” are WRONG
  50. Did you know you can cook vegetables so they aren’t mushy?
  51. It is also possible to eat vegetables without them being in a casserole!
  52. Fried onions are not necessary to make vegetables palatable
  53. Nor is Velveeta
  54. ????? Really
  55. I know this is news in the South, but it is true … I assure you!
  56. No kidding
  57. I love wine
  58. but not pink wine
  59. I am suspicious of any wine that is mass produced
  60. I apologize to Sutter Home, Yellow Tail, and Woodbridge
  61. but I’m not change my mind
  62. I also love single malt scotch …
  63. yes … I’m a food and alcohol snob
  64. I love my church out here
  65. I am a social person
  66. I enjoy listening to music
  67. I hate to miss out on “anything”
  68. I go to “Contemporary Service”, Sunday school, and “Big People’s Church”
  69. Everyone looks at me funny when I call it “Big People’s Church”
  70. I don’t care … it’s what it is … everyone is very “dignified” and “mature”
  71. One Sunday a month I am stuck in the “Prayer Room” during “Big People’s Church”
  72. I am supposed to be praying for the church
  73. Instead I pray that God will make it end
  74. Not church … me having to sit in the prayer room
  75. It feels like punishment … not a time to get closer to God
  76. I love pork …this is a GOOD thing in the south
  77. I don’t know how to fry food … this is a BAD thing in the south
  78. I like to camp, read, and fly-fish (obviously not at the same time)
  79. I HATE mosquitoes
  80. In Arizona I could fish and camp to my hearts content
  81. In California I had to remember the “Off” or “Cutters”
  82. I saw my first firefly from my front porch ... if there are fireflies then there are MOSQUITOES!
  83. Now I only see fireflies from INSIDE my house
  84. Out here you must find a place to camp or fish INDOORS
  85. Did you know cowboy boots will MOLD in a closet?
  86. I didn’t either … until I moved here
  87. I have a two brothers in California - Both of them are named Rick
  88. One is my big brother. The other is my “little” brother and we are not related.
  89. My big brother is 8 years older than me and 6 feet 6 inches tall.
  90. My Mom is almost 6 feet tall and my Dad is 6 foot 4 inches. They were all skinny at one point ...
  91. I am 5 foot 7 inches tall and not skinny … I wonder if I’m really related to them
  92. My relationship with my big brother wasn’t always good
  93. We might as well have grown up in two different families. Sometime after I turned 30, he turned human
  94. He has a wife and two girls (my nieces)
  95. He lives closer to my Mom and Dad than I do
  96. No comment
  97. My Mom can out fly-fish most men … including my Dad … and he is VERY good
  98. My Dad makes the best Sourdough waffles and pancakes
  99. My Mom can tow a 32-foot camping trailer behind an extended bed truck
  100. Maybe that’s why I can do so many things on my own … my Mom was a great role model

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Anonymous said...

I just found this one ---
1. Me too
2. Me too
10. True
11. Since you left AZ, I do too
16. True
17. Funny - we were just talking about that trip the other night !
18. Thank you !
24. True comment
25. Not a long time - as soon as I turned around to look at her, she had a BIG smile on her face. We all laughed.
26. Anyone who has ever driven mountain roads, knows there's no such thing as a road "as the crow flies" *o*
35. Which we were indeed reading on that map - it jus didn't show bridges out *~*
36. Got that from Mom and Dad
39. Did NOT get that from your Mom
52. You and your brother have never changed you mind about this
63. Yes, yes, yes
70. What, no gigglers ? My, my, would you believe that !
72. Never heard of this procedure?
90. Thanks for that compliment ?
91. You'll never know, Shorty
96. He loves us and puts up with us as most children learn they should
97. Not quite, but thanks for the compliment, yet again !
100. True - I always found men's converstions more intresting than women's. They didn't talk about cooking all the time! And thank you again, for the compliment. Love you - tp