Saturday, December 12, 2009

So Silly it Kills Me!

This is "A Salt with a Deadly Weapon" messenger bag.

Shamelessly lifted from Cornelia Read and her Murderatti Christmas Gift List.

In a weird internet stalkerish way, I consider Cornelia a friend. I was introduced to her (writing) by my other good (internet) friend/author Joshilyn Jackson.

When Cornelia's first book "A Field of Darkness" came out - I happened to be on my way to Oakland for a business trip. Disappointed I was going to miss her appearance by one day, I called the (sadly now closed) Cody's Books in Berkeley to reserve a signed copy. Her genre isn't something I normally read - but how could I resist anything written by a fellow Californian who describes her upbringing thusly,
She was subsequently raised near Big Sur by divorced hippie-renegade parents. Her childhood mentors included Sufis, surfers, single moms, Black Panthers, Ansel Adams, draft dodgers, striking farmworkers, and Henry Miller's toughest ping-pong rival.

Anyway - Happy Saturday - and be sure and buy books for Christmas Gifts. Preferably from your favorite Independent Bookstore.

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Cornelia Read said...

Hey, I'd be happy to internets-stalk you right back--you are funny!

And I SO want that "a salt" bag. My culinary motto is stolen from my sister Freya: "There are two kinds of food in the world. Food that's good, and food that needs more salt."