Friday, December 18, 2009

No Rants Today

Aren't you disappointed?

I think the funniest reaction was from my father who said, "Holy Shit! Where did that temper come from?" Of course, I looked knowingly* at the old curmudgeon/sledgehammer diplomat and said, "I only strive to exceed your wonderful example!"

Today  I am doing MORE job searching - there's a marketing manager position open that focuses on "communication with new customers to create an excellent initial customer experience". I pretty much think I can demonstrate that hands down.

This afternoon I had lunch with a friend. We consumed the leftovers from last nights "Girls-in-the-hood" dinner. The "Easy Chile Rellenos" were a hit. Even if not so "easy" because I went to the TWO grocery stores that don't have canned WHOLE chiles. Of course - it added maybe 20 minutes to the prep time by roasting my own chiles. And the most time consuming part of that is peeling the skin after they're roasted. The best part is that roasting things here at home does not cause the smoke detector to go off, like it does at the church kitchen. "Attention! Fire!" BEEP ... BEEP ... BEEP, "Attention! Fire!" the dam thing says every time I set the oven to 500 degrees. 

Of course THIS WEEK when I used it to roast the veggies at the luncheon the crazy lady** said in all her brightness, "Oh! Turn off everything - they're having a fire drill." AND SHE STARTED TOWARDS THE STOVE. 

She is lucky she's alive. After restraining her, I opened the kitchen door and waved a cooking sheet over the alarm - thereby dissipating the "smoke". (one of these days I fear the crazy sprinkler system is going to go off. Then I'll REALLY be in DEEP, DEEP do-do).

I am also doing the ANTI-snow dance. Because Raleigh + Snow = MAJOR FAIL for residents to act like NORMAL & SANE human beings. I have stuff to do people. Stuff that includes DRIVING*** ... and I'd like to keep myself and my car in one piece.  

Happy weekend everyone - get ready ... not long before the holiday hits.

* as "knowingly" as you can look in an eMail, that is.

** I don't think she's "officially" crazy by the PDR or APA guidelines, but she qualifies by the Mitter-guide.

*** East Coast snow is this nasty slushy/icy crap and nothing like Sierra Nevada or Pacific Northwest snow that is manageable. Also think "1/1000 of the NEEDED snow removal equipment in place to effectively manage snow removal. 

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Anonymous said...

Well you're in luck Mit, sprinkler systems are not activated by the fire alarm system or smoke. Each head is activated by heat distorting/melting the mechanical device that holds the plug in place. So you shouldn't worry unless you have a tantrum throwing something across the kitchen and physically strike one of them... Merry Christmas