Friday, September 18, 2009

Kyle Eastwood - Live for Life

Kyle's album Metropolitain (which I've now referenced three times now) "... has one track with lyrics. "Live for Life" allows vocalist Camille to express a poignant message of wishes fulfilled; take interest in yourself and live life as you please. She also raps a chorus in the song's midsection, emphasizing the central thought forcefully. Eastwood's music allows impressions to exist clearly, with a full-body experience that lives on through his jazz ideas."

These words are the words that speak most to me, although I have to disagree about the "live life as you please", part. I think God wants our lives to be joyful - but within the scope of His goodness and commandments.  

"Through the myst'ry and wonder
Of a world you've never known before
Share the splendors to be shared
Magic places to explore
There the dangers to be dared
Life is all of this and more
This and more

I met with the non-profit team to discuss the idea of "Food Service". I gave them my 3 proposals which outline three different scenarios from very small - to medium - to HUGE & EXCITING.

It was an amazing experience to talk to them. I think ... God is really making himself visible to me - which has been my prayer - because so often I don't seem to get his messages. Anyway - they were blow away with my vision - and the insights I offered. I have no idea what it will turn into. But at the very least, they have a weekly cooking opportunity for me until I find a "real" job. 

I've also promised to continue to help them "brainstorm" about the whole picture - and help them come up with the design/organization that will meet their needs. I don't know if God's idea is a career change for me - or this is just a way to tithe to God with my talents while I don't have an income.

The dream job proposal looks something like an Events Coordinator/Food Service Manager. It would center on meal/activity planning, ingredient procurement, and educational outreach. I foresee opportunities for a community garden, high school/college age cooking classes, congregational cooking classes, frozen meal prep to assist in a Stephan Ministries type program, and exploring ways to link earth/health stewardship to local/sustainable foods and cooking practices. I also think there's an area to work on food history in context of Christianity and the South. 

Another great thing about yesterday is that it totally validated my ability to layout things in terms big and small - to catch an idea and really make it blossom. It required money and time analysis and talent coordination. All things I've been feeling haven't been utilized or appreciated in the past.

If you pray or talk to a higher power or some great "overseeing deity(s)" please  pray for me to have discernment - and be mindful of all the things I should be doing. I am still moving forward with looking for a different career (not cooking) that utilizes my organization/planning/analytical/writing/speaking skills> I am not really sure what shape that career looks like - but I know those are the components that need to be present. 

Now - onto this weekend and Atlantic Beach. I got some great sharp cheddar cheese at the Farmer's Market - and 6 different types of apples for this weekend: Mutsu, Jonathan, Rome Beauty, Winesap, Liberty and Gala. This cheese and apple taste test will be my contribution toward our afternoon snack. Breakfast will be the Grits/Sausage Casserole and a fruit salad (with apples!).

I hope you all have wonderful weekends. I got to get busy if I'm going to be out of here at 1:15pm. See you all on Monday!

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