Monday, September 21, 2009

Eric Alexander - The Road Song

Here's Eric covering this famous Jimmy Smith and Wes Montgomery tune. Here's a lovely rendition by another amateur guitar player.  

Anyway - I was on the road this weekend. After writing my little ditty about "getting here" on Thursday, I didn't think about it again - until we were on the way to Atlantic Beach.

This is the third time in three years I've been down to this beach house. Each time I've ridden down with the same couple. The first year, we were going to go the "quick" way  everyone else talked about. We had a Google Maps printout and were all ready to go.

Except Mr. Penguin (private joke)  and I got into some conversation - and the next thing we knew, we were NOT going the quick way. We were going past the main gates to Camp Lejeune, stuck in four o'clock traffic.

The following year - I stopped talking when we exited I-40 ... and ... and ... we took a different road. And got stuck in Camp Lejeune traffic and totally missed the "quick by-pass".

THIS YEAR - we had GPS AND no talking! Gertrude was insistent that we turn on NC-11. We started down the road even though Mr. Penguin was sure we weren't on the right route. After a quarter of a mile we turned around and went back to the main road. 

Gertrude disagreed with our new direction as did Mr. Penguin's wife Mrs. Penguin. Gertrude was insistent we turn on DS Williamson Road. We were suspicious of this route since it had no number, so we passed on DS (perhaps Dumb and Stupid??) Williamson Road and went up one more stoplight - and then DID ANOTHER U-TURN and took NC-11. 

Mrs. Penguin was sure we were going the right way - she remembered turning left at the Kenansville sign when she'd been down to Emerald Isle just a few weeks prior. But - since we didn't have a GOOD OLD FASHION MAP - we had no idea where the hell we were, so we took her word that we were on the right track. About 3 miles into this narrow two lane road - it was decided maybe we were on the wrong path as Mrs. Penguin also remembered the road being a four-lanes and not two. 

We started punching buttons on Gertrude - and finally got over to NC-50 (still not the "real" right way) and went south ... JUST IN TIME TO CATCH Camp Lejeune traffic - AGAIN.

Actually - it was a lovely little side trip. We enjoyed smelling the turkey and hog farms and seeing the country-side. As we drove along we kept our eyes open for the famous <insert name here> Plantation House. I'll just have you know that although I frequently confuse like sounding names, this time it wasn't me. (Note to self and other readers: Chinquapin and Chinaqu Penn are two different places.) (And now that I've looked at a map and have discovered it is BY GREENSBORO - so thank GOD we didn't see signs for it). 

That night we ate at Bistro-by-the-Sea in Morehead City. It was a lovely meal. Five out of the seven of us dined on their extravagant Shrimp and Grits.

Saturday was a big day of ... relaxing. We had a lovely breakfast of Steel Cut Oats with a multitude of toppings (blueberries, crazins, toasted walnuts, granola, fresh sliced strawberries, bananas, brown sugar and cream) - and then we migrated toward the deck. Well - they migrated. I had a quick eMail I wanted to send. After sending it I went downstairs for my sunglasses - with the thought I'd return to the deck and join in the conversation while I read Best Friends.

Arriving back upstairs, I had to laugh. Four of the gang were in the house on their laptops learning the mysteries of "Google Calendar", where to purchase felt-boards for Daniel and the cast of the fiery furnace, and Star Wars pop-up books.

Lunch was a tasty spread of all the fixings for BLT's and deviled eggs. Mmmm - deviled eggs. Then it was naptime, cocktail hour - and finally time for the annual creation of the Frogmore Low Country Boil. Shrimp, kielbasa, new potatoes, and corn on the cob never tasted so good.

The evening was topped off with a board games called "What do you like best?" ( or some variation thereof. I cannot find the game or name of the game anywhere on line). 
Anyway - each player is dealt 4 cards with one phrase written on them; like "Hip-hop", "Chinese Food", "Clowns" or "Flying Kites". Everyone went around the circle contributing the card in their hand they thought best described the chosen person (cp). Then the cp ranked the cards from "I like this the best" to "are you insane??". Whoever contributed the "best answer" card received the most points (6) for that round.

The first two rounds were ok - although the choices really didn't seem to fit many in our group. So then I suggested we switch it to "What do you hate the MOST". Now THAT was funny. Of course - the funniest part was when I was dealt the card, "American Cheese". When I played it, I told the cp, "If I don't win with this card, I will never cook for you again." Much hilarity ensued when American Cheese WASN'T the thing she hated most of all out of her six choices. There was a lovely discussion for the rest of the evening centering on how I might be misguided in my passionate dislike of said "food product". I don't think anyone in that group will forget that I like American Cheese LEAST OF ALL THINGS (although it was pointed out that Velveeta and American are not the same thing - and so now I have a quandary - which is really MORE EVIL?)

Today I worked on my resume writing day and lined up references. I don't think this week is going to be nearly as busy as last week - but still want to focus on being productive. I had my writing class tonight - and am not nearly as far as I want to be with my story, but the instructor thinks I am far enough along to start putting it together as a comprehensive piece.

Hope you all had a great weekend (without American Cheese)!


mamie said...

Um, well, I did have a grilled cheese at a restaurant last night. It was American Cheese. I redeemed myself by pairing it with a delicious tomato basil soup.

Glad you had fun at the beach!

Anonymous said...

ANy cheese is good - compared with Velveeta, Am., and cheese whiz !! *~* Glad you had a good time at the beach. Sounds like Georgia, etd. are really deep in waters ??? tp