Thursday, September 17, 2009

Buddy DeFranko - Seven Come Eleven

Apparently this title refers to a craps table strategy. Of course, since it is numbers - it makes no sense to me, but I really like the song. It is a Benny Goodman/Charlie Christian original. 

Yesterday - it rained so we didn't walk - but got all my proposals finished plus some supporting documentation completed and turned in. Today it rained, so once again no walk. I have a meeting at 2:00 pm to see where the interest is with the Food Ministry - and what the next steps are/aren't.

I went to another writer's group meeting last night. This was entitled "Writing toward Wellness". It's all about creative journaling and writing about "feelings". *blerg* Although - maybe I can TRANSFER the exercises from ME to a character and not have to identify. 

I don't know - this seems kind of silly - on one hand I "feel" like I talk about my feelings all the time - and on the other, it's the last place I want to go (emotionally) and discuss. So - maybe I should stick this out. As far as the journaling part - and consistent writing goes - well - I have the blog, don't I?  

Today Dr. Whiney, Esq. and I are having lunch before the meeting. He has so much going on in his life too. I worry about him. He works too hard - takes on too many people's problems and is on this cycle of work/crash/work/play/crash/work. He keeps trying to change it, but isn't very successful. I can identify. Change is tough.

Tomorrow around lunch time I'll leave with friends for Atlantic Beach. A trip to the Farmers' Market is in order after the morning walk to pick up the apples. I don't know if I'll have internet down there or not. One trip I did, one I didn't.

See you all tomorrow. Just think, one more day and it'll be Friday!

Here is one of the "free write" exercises I did last night. It was kind of fun, the prompt was "Getting Here". A few people talked about the emotions/reasons that led them to the meeting. Of course me, I focused on the cut and dried issues.

Although I've lived in Raleigh for 9 years now, "Getting Here" is still an exercise in frustration for me. I come from a land with landmarks. A land of open spaces - spread out trees and a mountain called "South Mountain", which is fairly consistently "south" no matter where you are and more importantly VISIBLE.

Here there are trees. And more trees. Trees that hide landmarks, cover up street signs, and obscure physical features.

Of course part of "getting here" is also traveling on roads. The south is famous for their creative writers - I think all of them started out at the DOT - and have decided they can come up with a better name for a street than the previous guy - that's why you'll drive a straight line and be able to travel on Duraleigh, Blue Ridge, and Millbrook without having to take a single left or right turn.

There are these new fangled gadgets called 'GPS'. They're supposed to help you navigate to your final destination. I have one - and it doesn't. Oh I get somewhere all right - just usually not the way it would like me to go. Apparently it's not enough to HEAR the directions, you are also required to follow them. But it seems this is a two way street. Sometimes, even with strict adherence to the directions (a rare, but possible circumstance for me), I still end up somewhere else besides here, because here isn't a location Ms. Gertrude knows about.

Like many things in life - "Getting Here" is all about frequently "recalculating" your destination.

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