Saturday, September 05, 2009

Duke Ellington - Perdido

Donna will get this one immediately.

Perdido, I look for my heart it's perdido

High was the sun when we first came close
Low was the moon when we said adios

Perdido, since then has my heart been perdido
I know I must go to Torido, that yearning to lose perdido

For years, (it seemed) at some point during the year I'd join my Arkansas friends, Kevin and Donna, at the place in Perdido Key. Where I am this weekend is quite different than the Florida keys. However, who can go wrong, sitting here looking at the salt marsh? (That I can't show you because I left my battery charger back in Raleigh, aggghghg)

Yesterday was a lazy day. 3 mile walk in the morning (where I ended up with 3 blisters from my new tennis shoes), a trip to the grocery store - then nothing. Well, there was a pedicure to do, and lunch to nibble at. My hosts took a nap - and I found recipes for dinner.

Plus - lots of porch sitting and a little bit of writing.

These are some "close to the real thing" pictures of where I am.

In fact - that is the bunker to my left.

And this is just beyond the green of the 12th tee which is where our porch is ...

There are birds and muscles and lots of peace and quiet.

Today, we'll go to the Tidewater "Private Beach Pavilion". Some of the group might walk or sunbathe. I plan on sitting under the oscillating ceiling fans and reading.

Tonight we're having chuck roast in wine, roasted carrots, crisp green beans with garlic and almonds - and some lovely quinoa pilaf.

I hope your Saturday is full of relaxation and amazing moments of peace too.

And here's Sarah Vaughan - singing loosing her heart in Perdido. Mine might be lost - but this is a good second home.

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Anonymous said...

what a beautiful view you have there - I'm envious ! tp