Wednesday, September 09, 2009

John La Barbera - Cloth of Silver, Threads of Blue

This is a fast pasted "jazzy number". Kind of how my life feels at the moment. I cannot believe how busy I am - and all the things I am trying to get organized and do. I keep telling myself "sooner or later" it's going to slow down. But right now things are moving 100 mph and I don't feel like I'm getting 50% of the things done each day.

While I was at the beach, a friend checked up on me - and asked if I was interested in a possible part-time job.

I said yes, and that I knew it couldn't be for more than the "wage allowance" for unemployment - but what did she have in mind?  I told her my current "job" at this point is to stay open to all possibilities.

She wrote back - that would include cooking. I thought about that for a long time. I'm not really interested in cooking as a second career. I think at this age I have little/no desire for standing on my feet all day, working long hours - often nights and weekend in a restaurant or a catering business.

However - part-time? The idea was kind of intriguing. 

I saw her yesterday for just about an hour - and got a better idea of what she's talking about. I'm having lunch with her today to ask more questions and do more brain storming. 

Speaking of food and cooking - today is Food Wednesday. I'm going to share two recipes with you that I made last night with the planning team from my Sunday School class. We cooked together then decided what curriculum we want to use for September/October/November/December. 

The routine with this group of friends is I send the hostess several different menu options that are mix/match. She decides what she wants - and the agrees to do all the grocery shopping! (yay for two reasons: I don't have to shop - and little/no expense for me). Then I show up - and she (and anyone else who is invited) become my sous-chefs. 

I thought last night's meal would be good (of course), but THEY thought it was FABULOUS. Even the male member of the group who isn't a very adventurous eater complimented me several times.  It was a total score!

Our main course was Indian Butter Chicken. I have made several different version of this recipe. So far, this has been the easiest and quickest to make (although it isn't a "quick" recipe). And has a real great flavor.

It got rave reviews. We served it over coconut chicken.

For dessert, I did this very simple parfait. It and the chicken tied for "best dish" of the night and has been requested for "Father's Day" dinner I usually cook for the host couple. I really loved the blueberry/maple syrup combination. And it looked stunning in the parfait glasses. So if you're looking for a quick spectacular dessert - try this Maple Blueberry Parfait!

Okay - that's far too much rambling from me. Lunch meeting to prepare for, writing class tonight, and then tomorrow starts the North Carolina Literary Festival.

I told you, right? I got a ticket to go see John Grisham tomorrow night? And Elizabeth Stroud of Olive Kitteridge fame on Saturday - and Clyde Edgerton on Sunday? Plus it looks like lots of other great authors and speakers too. I'm going to see Rick Bragg and Michael Malone too! I think I'm going to be spending a lot of time in Chapel Hill for the next four days!

I think there are a lot of "silver linings in my current blue cloth!

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