Thursday, September 03, 2009

Dizzy Gillespie - Blue 'n' Boogie

Well - for a "blue" piece, this certainly moves right along.

I made some good headway on Tuesday and Wednesday. One thing surprised me - when I called to remove the TV and stop the land-line, I kind of lost my drive. I ended up going with just the cheapest packages - which is still not in the new budget. So - today with resolve I need to call back and just get it stopped.
It was kind of funny - I was on the phone with the phone company - getting ready to stop the service - and my other line was trying to beep through. Aggghghg. Turns out it was my brother calling me.
So today - I'll call back and get the phone switched off and totally have the TV turned off.
This morning I got about an hour's worth of writing in. Only about 350 words - but I like the direction it's going. So - hopefully I'm on the right track.
I think everyone has been notified that I've been laid off. But haven't done anything on FB besides removing my company affiliation. I just don't feel that connected to FB as I do some other places - so don't feel the need to comment one way or the other.
Monday night I was thinking one of the good things about this was I wouldn't have to put on makeup each day. Not only would it be better for my complexion - but a way to conserve makeup/save money. And then as I got dressed/brushed my teeth ... guess what I did? Yep, put on makeup. Aghghghg! I thought about wiping it off - but figured that was wasteful - so it stayed on. But TODAY - I didn't put it on before my walk - and I didn't put it on when I got dressed! Yay! Go me!
Tuesday I got all of my internet accounts that had my business eMail linked to them changed over to my other eMail address. This is something I should have done long ago - but I knew it would be time consuming - and I just never quite took the time to get it done.
My friend and I walked for a half-hour yesterday in my neighborhood. This morning we met in her neighborhood. We have two three-mile tracks laid out. I don't feel as I'm working as hard as I did on the elliptical - but I am walking further - and because Raleigh is not flat I am still getting some up hill/down hill exercise too. I'm really glad she and I are able to do this together. She is also looking for a job - and has been unemployed for about two months. So she has pushed a lot of good information my way. Stuff that I don't know if I'd be persistent enough on my own to search out. I REALLY, really hate talking on the phone - and so I'm glad of all the leg work she's done.
This morning when I returned from our walk, I had a message from another friend. They are leaving today for their beach house at Myrtle Beach. She wanted to know if I'd like to join them. I have two minor commitments to see if I can rearrange. If I can get them resolved, I should be on my way to the beach around four o'clock this afternoon! I hope it all works out.
So - just in case I don't have internet down there - I hope everyone has a great Labor Day weekend. And since I missed Food Wednesday yesterday - here's the link. "Way Worth the Work" - five things worth making from scratch on an occasional basis. I love the idea of freezing whipped cream in dollops!

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Elisa said...

I've been out of the loop, so I've just found out about your layoff from reading this -- gosh, I'm so sorry! But it sounds like you're being proactive and taking advantage of the pleasantries life has to offer during this "in the meantime" experience. Kudos to you for that, and keep writing!