Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Sons of the Pioneers - Cool Water

There’s a weekend program I love listening to. It’s on the local NPR station and it’s called, “Back Porch Music”. It’s a blend of root, traditional and folk music – with a dash of Celtic, banjo and coffee house sounds.


Sunday night, Cool Water came on. I was instantly transported back to my childhood. I closed my eyes, and was disappointed that there was no smell of bacon cooking or the clang of mixing bowls in the background soon followed by the beating of egg whites for sourdough waffles. Because nothing says “Dad’s cooking” to me more than this song.


I don’t know which version we listened to more, The Sons of the Pioneers or Eddie Arnold’s version. But I can clearly see the Eddie Arnold record cover – with it multi-colored Mexican blanket in the background and set of Brahma bulls horns. I think the Son’s album cover all yellow/orange in with a horse in the middle of a desert. *shrug* funny the details we remember, huh? (okay – after I got the images I see there’s no blanket in Eddie’s album, but there is a saddle. I’m sure there’s a saddle blanket under there!)


Here’s what I like about this song. There’s evocative story telling and a complete story arc. (It’s also just about being thirsty – and not about dying friends THANK GOD … )


I also like the undercurrents in the chorus. It reminds me there are currents under the surface when you look at any body of water – and you don’t always know what’s going on. Finally – this is simple straightforward music. Sometimes it’s nice to not have to think about what you’re listening too.


So – my “boys” are here. Picked up Jason without incident at the airport. After work I swung by the house, grabbed Jason, and we gathered this weeks CSA offering. Then we went to the bus station and retrieved Herman. Before heading home we stopped at The Boylan Bridge Brewpub. You know – I don’t want my visitors from Europe to think Bud and Coors are what we consider “fine” beer.


Then we went home. The guys did a great job of following my grilling directions – and talking cars while I made the side-dishes and dessert.


Here’s a pic of a plate. Pork tenderloin, baby carrots from the CSA, new potatoes from the CSA and then a green bean/new potato/cheery tomato (all CSA produce) salad. It was good. Good enough there are no left-over’s.


Tonight is the baseball game. Herman is joining us – his bus for Kentucky doesn’t leave ‘till 11 pm tonight. How fun. A blind man and a “fer-ner” at the all American pastime. We’ll start off by eating some Taco-truck tacos. I can’t wait!


Anonymous said...

The record I used to play the most back in those days was the "Sons of the Pioneers" Album. And Cool, Clear Water... was one of my favorites. There was also an album that had western music (non-vocal) with only electric guitars. I cannot even remember what the special song was but I liked it because it was, "Fast Music".
thanks for the nostalgia Mit!


Anonymous said...

We used to listen to both The Sons of the Pioneers and Eddy Arnold - some of the best Western music ever written ! Oh, The Ink Spots, too ! In fact, I am disappointed that I couldn't pull up the music, just the history !

Hope you have a good visit with your company - fine beer ? You sound like snob ! *O* tp