Thursday, July 09, 2009

Charles Mingus - Moanin'

There’s a radio show that starts off with this riff. I LOVE this “pfat” beri sax sound. The beri usually stays hidden in the band; just stuck playing whole notes and rhythm. Here it has a chance to shine.

There are parts of this song that are difficult for me. The band members wander off into improvisational realms I can’t follow. I frequently think there are solos that sound great when you’re there in person, but don’t translate well to private listening. Or the solos can be admired if you’re a group of musicians jamming together. You, the musician - - and the ones your gigging with, know how high that note is, how tough it is to hit – how crazy fast the tempo is – how tight your improve riff is woven. But for me, the unskilled musician – the listener – if there’s not a great melody going along with that, I just kind of feel like an outsider.

The other thing I like about this piece is, it too, is an evocative piece of music. Just as when I wrote about Cool Water yesterday and said it brought to mind hot, dry, barren deserts; this calls to mind zoot suits, pocket watch chains, and spats. It totally could have been used in the score for Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

The game was nice last night. There was a wonderful cool breeze blowing – the stadium wasn’t too crowded and the two teams, the Durham Bulls and the Gwinnett Braves played a clos-ish game at 8-3.

Herman is still with us. His stop in Ky changed. Not sure what he and Jason have planned. But they seem to be enjoying each other’s company. I’m glad for both of them – especially since I’m working. I don’t have to worry about Herman being a guest – with no one to hang out with while I work – and Jason gets some “tourist” time and doesn’t spend his whole vacation (except weekends and evenings) working for me.

Hah! I just got an eMail. Those boys! They are "car shopping". Herman's thinking about buying this and ditching the Greyhound bus system. Then he'll finish driving the US on this vacation - and sell the car when he gets ready to fly back to the Netherlands. I have to admit. I'm slightly jealous and amazed. That anyone would take on such a short term purchase - and not worry about long term reliability. Guess it comes from confidence in mechanical skills and the ability to judge "car-flesh".

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