Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Bemsha Swing - Don Cherry & Herbie Hancock

I have no idea what a “Bemsha” is … I wonder if it’s a gypsy word. It was the “song of the day” for Bob Parlocha’s morning show. The alternative title is, "Softly, As the Morning Comes". (which gives me a little bit of a giggle)

Here are three different interpretations of Bemsha Swing: This is Don Cherry and Herbie Hancock and it focus on the horn.

The next piece is by Robi Botos with a focus on the piano work (which makes sense, since Monk was a pianist). I really like the imagery mixed in with this one … (and I really like the double bass work too – OF COURSE!)

Here’s someone showing off his jazz guitar chops. I have to say – what a lovely lush sound he has. This is totally a Sunday morning for me.

The music was first presented in 1928 and was part of an Oscar and Hammerstein II production named New Moon set in New Orleans. Here’s a lovely harp version of the song where it’s titled “Sofly, As the Morning Comes”. It has a dreamy character to it, doesn’t it? For a real period "swing" feel I found Bobby Darin singing it!

Herman didn’t make it last night – but he’ll be in the house tonight! I leave in about an hour to pick Jason up at the airport. I’ll drop him off at the house and then return to work. After work I’ll pick up the CSA veggies – and then go get Herman at the bus station. I have a pork tenderloin marinating with ginger, jalapeno, soy sauce, lime juice and Dijon mustard for dinner tonight. We’ll have veggies from the CSA, some left over green bean/potato salad – and dessert will be Strawberry Dumplings!

I expect a swinging day!

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Anonymous said...

I've always enjoyed Herbie Hancock's music. Good choice to write about.