Monday, March 10, 2008

Shopping Spree, Minutia, and Inertia


I am not a big fan of shopping. It could be because it is very close to running errands, which I hate. It could be because it involves spending money. Which I feel like I either don’t have, or shouldn’t be doing. It also involves trying on clothes, which never look the same on my body as they do in my mind, making decisions, and choosing the lesser of two evils.

In preparation for this trip, I told myself I wouldn’t spend any money outside of the trip itself. So … I’ve lied to myself.

I bought an new 21” rolling suitcase, because my other one? Not so storing and rolling anymore these days. I bought this … I got a deal. (but still, *sigh*, spending money)

Then – I bought some gloves – because spring? She has not arrived in England … and somehow I think my red-yarn gloves from Jr. High or High School don’t fit, and look … like they are from the ‘80’s. Got them on sale, on-line, and they were delivered in one day!

One last purchase was a lightweight all weather coat. I have two leather jackets – and a heavy Parka. I also have a London Fog style dress coat – but they are all very bulky and not suitable for packing and traveling. So – once again on line, I ordered this:

It should arrive tomorrow. I hope it fits, I hope it’s flattering … ‘cause if not – it’s going back and I’m borrowing Dilly’s jackets!


There was another surprise for me in the mail. A friend from California knitted me a prayer shawl for my trip. It’s this amazing collection of purple colors. It totally matches the frames of my glasses! (I’ll have Dilly or Chris take a picture of it over there)

Here are her words:

I thought it would work great with your glasses and your hair!

There's a great reason, you have a strong faith in God, but doubt his faith in you. Consider this a message from him, k? I was inspired to do it for a reason.

Comfort shawl, hug shawl, prayer shawl, call it whatever you want. I made it a little wide and long so you can use it as a lap blanket in England/Scotland. It's warm and soft like a great hug.

Indeed – just looking at it I feel loved and secure. Again, THANK YOU!

More Minutia

Friday I picked my first installment of English pounds. I have all airline tickets and museum tickets printed out and organized. I have directions from airports to trains to friends and or hotels, printed out. I have phone numbers – and my international calling activated.

My laundry is all done – even if it’s not all put away.

My house is dusted and dust mopped. (BUT THAT DAMN KITCHEN FLOOR … *sigh*)

I have all my “thank you – host” gifts purchase and ready to be packed away! (Go me! Gifts! Purchased!)


I don’t have my taxes organized. I don’t have my homework all done. I … don’t have clean sheets on my bed – and my bathroom isn’t clean. I am tired. I didn’t go work out this morning, because I was up too late last night. My goal is bed by 9:30 pm tonight – and making it in the morning. But I keep telling myself a rested Mit is more important than an exercised Mit.

No frenzy yet … but the anticipation is building …

1 day, 23 hours, 16 minutes and 43 seconds

Till I step on that plane!


Anonymous said...

You are doing sooo good ! Congratulations !!tp

I H8 24 said...

Love the coat!!! The shawl will look great with it!! Gonna miss you while you're gone, but hope you have a wonderful time!!!!

Geggie said...

Oh, you're going to have so much fun. Really...just use your debit/credit card. You don't have to worry about the conversion rates and you won't have to pay commissions. Or, just take your money out of ATMs, they're everywhere. Make sure that you got to Marks & Spencers...great dept store. I hate shopping too, but it's got a food store in it@!!! Love!

Woodstock said...

Sounds like an adventure brewing. I know what you mean about spending money but sometimes, if you do it wisely and don't turn a "I want..." into an "I need..." every day it's a good thing.

What is it about our friends who do yarn or cloth crafts? They have some connection to the spiritual I don't understand but I find totally comforting (ask me about my bespoke socks sometime ;) )

I wish you good, easy travel; that you meet interesting people and have good conversations with them; and that you get the best that English weather has to offer.

And yes, go to Markies...they have great snacks!

Bob said...

make sure you notify your credit card company that you (might) be using it overseas, that will prevent it from possibly being refused JUST when you most need it.

I wish for you safe travels and a happy holiday.

Bob said...

oh, and I double and triple what the others have said - Marks & Spencers has THE BEST food (my wife can attest, she went to England last year)

mamie said...

I'll be thinking about you as I critique and fight writer's block. Be safe!

Anonymous said...

You are going with well-wishers love and best wishes - has to be a great and successful trip !!!! tp