Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Come on Baby, Light My Fire!

So, I have heat! How wonderful is that? Actually, I had heat yesterday afternoon but was too tired to pack up my stuff from Mr. and Mrs. Hosts' after work.

Besides, I’d made arrangements with them, to eat dinner before Mrs. Host and I attended a circle meeting. (Mr. Host JUST happens to own a Corvette Z06, which will accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in 3.7 seconds – and has a 505 engine with 11 to 1 compression!!! You don’t REALLY think I’d cut short an opportunity to stand in the garage and gaze in lust at that car, do you?) And they were expecting me to spend the night ANYWAY … (it is also possible I am tired of a different bed each night … and am trying to save up for my trip next week, which will involve LOTS of packing and unpacking and a different bed each night.) 6 days, 8 hours 'till I'm in the UK!!!!!

Back to lighting fires. Seems that SOMEHOW my pilot light was blown out on the heater. The technician was really surprised since my heating unit is UNDER my house, in the crawl space – and there are no direct air vents to blow on the pilot. As near as he can figure, a freak gust of wind blew over the front of the house, down through the porch boards, and extinguished the light.

When he told me what the problem was, I felt pretty stupid. I asked him if he could show me how to light it, in case it went out again. He declined. Truthfully, I was glad. I mean, I’ve grown up lighting Coleman stoves and lanterns. I’m not helpless – but crawling on my stomach, through cobwebs to light something that could blow me up? I’m willing to pay the $55.00 and pass on the experience.


Memphis … I’ll write more later, but for the moment I’ll say this.

Seeing customers was GREAT! I get so rejuvenated when they stop and seem so enthusiastic to greet me and say hi.

Work meetings were pretty much the "wank-fest" I expected, and they will not be elaborated on here.

Mr. and Mrs. I H8 24 – are the best Arkansas friends a girl could have! They picked me up at the hotel – across town – in rush hour traffic – and took me to an industry dinner with someone I’ve been trying to establish contact with for the past two years. They also let me stay in their hotel room (extra sleep for me) that night, and didn’t give me a hard time about NOT joining them on Beale Street. (there’s more to what all they did for me, but suffice it to say ABOVE AND BEYOND and I’ll try to get to those stories later.)

Another old friend (not in age, but years of acquaintance) picked me up on Thursday for lunch. He and his wife took me to Las Tortugas for the BEST fish tacos on that side of the Mississippi. It was great to see them, hear about their two children, and find out he is happy and thriving away from the large corporate world he left behind.

Friday night, friends of my parents, picked me up and fed me enchiladas, and an amazing poppy-seed/apple/candied pecan salad; not to mention sangria, beer, and coffee ice cream with Kahlua! This was a very enjoyable evening – and not just because of the food. He was a wildlife biologist out in Arizona (actually grew up there – and has just recently moved to Memphis), and historian. It was great to share history books that meant a lot to us (Martha Summerhayes, “Vanished Arizona” and Marshall Trimble articles) plus reminisce over some favorite country we’d both wandered. BUT EVEN BETTER, we were able to discuss my novel! He had some great suggestions and was encouraging, plus offered to act as a resource for “little known facts”.

Least I be rude, his lovely wife … was just that! A true southern girl, who talked about growing up in Memphis – and then living in mid-town Manhattan. The changes she made and encountered between the two places – and what it’s like to be back in Memphis now. All together an A+ evening.

Over all – the trade show was slow. On Friday the cotton market touched 80 cents – and it has remained strong the last two days. Hopefully the estimate of 16+ million bales for 2008 will continue to be revised upward – and it won’t be as tight and gloomy as everyone is expecting.

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