Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Multiple Choice

Guess who's been working on mathematical computations for the last two days for a customer?

a: The person with the best math skills in the office.

b: The programmers, because this client's requests spans unrelated segments of the database (or at least makes the report tool give silly numbers)

c: None of the above

d: The person with the inability to remember if you divide acres into money or money into acres to get the right answer (and cannot tell if the answer is right or not).

e: The person who works with the custom reports tool far too much.

f: The person who works to please the customer and gets criticized for "wasting" time giving the customer what they want.

g: Three consecutive answers above.

h: None of the above.

(Hopefully there will be an interesting post later today.)


Bob said...

what is "been there, done that", Alex?

CG said...

I will see your annoying job that I used to do just one cubicle over from you and raise you the turning radius of a supertanker!!!!

Anonymous said...

d,e,f,g of course - that's the way life works isn't it !! That's what keeps you on your toes and makes you grow, grow,grow.!!!! tp