Thursday, March 13, 2008

Total Score

On my flight over here, I had booked a window seat. Not because I wanted to look out at the dark night sky, but because I knew I’d want to lean against it – and try and sleep. But EVEN better than the window seat was ending up with an empty seat next to me!

The flight was uneventful, I landed 30 minutes early, got through customs in about 15 minutes, found my way to the South Terminal, self-purchased a single train ticket – and ended up at Clapham Station and Dilly found me!

We took the 37 bus to her apartment – and now, the living is easy.

Ps: Talla Paula – this is how you pack for 10 days.


Anonymous said...

The pciture is so dark I can't see - *o* - but, I'll consult you before I go to Maui ! *o* TY so much for this blog - glad all went well with your flight ! And --- they are off and running !!!!!!! tp

mamie said...

Hmm, I think you're having more fun than me...class was small but great and we missed your always stellar commentary. Have fun.

Bob said...

I hope you minded the gap.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mit,
Glad to hear you skidded to a soft stop across the pond. I hope you have a great time. RWH

Gina Elizabeth said...

Leslie!!!! I love you!!! I hope you are having a blast!!!

Woodstock said...

Hum...I took way more than that for 10 days to Hawaii. Then again, even the better hotels don't have affordable laundry facilities.

Hope you have a fabu time :)

Anonymous said...

Anxiously waiting to hear from you again ! Hope you are having a dream-come-true vacation ! tp

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Did you remember the POT HOLDERS in Amsterdam??? Georgistarrdust...