Monday, March 03, 2008

It's a Good Thing

I don’t live in Winterpeg (Winnipeg for the uninitiated).

My house remains a brisk 52 degrees (11.11 Celsius) – and the repair people have scheduled me for a visit Wednesday between ten and noon. I guess 52 degrees isn’t life threatening – but it sure isn’t conductive to getting much done.

I have booked a room at Chez Thomas for the next two nights, because frankly, I think I am running out of “personal” resources.


Bob said...

thank goodness for friends for those who cannot operate under 72 degrees fahrenheit.

Anonymous said...

WHO is Chez Thomas ? You are beginning to sound like an Arizona girl ! *o*

Do you get the feeling that God is trying to give you a message ?? tp

Anonymous said...

If you did live in Winterpeg, maybe you'd chill out a bit.

Geggie said...

Whoa, that is cold. I keep it about 61-62, but 52...nope.

CG said...

I laugh in the face of your 52 degrees.