Saturday, October 27, 2007


Making Messes type of “Nothing”:

Make coffee:

Consume coffee

  • leave behind dirty coffee cup , coffee pot, coffee filter

Make breakfast:

Eat Cheddar cheese, green onion & Mushroom Omelet

  • leave behind sauté pan, chef’s knife, cheese grater , plate, fork, knife & milk glass


Drink Beer, eat peanut butter cookie, small dish of peanuts

  • beer bottle and cozy still on end table

  • small dish on living room window sill

Doing “Nothing”

Mess with template for blog – I doubt anyone can tell the difference

Plays with words – dissatisfied with progress

Reads words of other people – feel like life is happening somewhere else

Take nap

Get in shower

Start laundry that will become wrinkled

Poor glass of wine

Write this entry

Get ready for party



Christopher Paquette said...

nice new format....large print is a good thing for us older folks.

Geggie said...

Sounds like a lotta nothing I like.

Anonymous said...

Nothing rocks and so does the new template! Go Mit!

The party was freaking awesome, wasn't it? It was nice seeing you, and I liked meeting your sidekick, Miss S too! Can't wait to do it again sometime!