Friday, October 26, 2007

This can't be <3

This can’t be love,

Because I feel so well,

No sobs, no sorrows, no sighs.

This can't be love; I get no dizzy spells,

My head is not in the skies.


There are many different types of love – many people seem to be searching for that romantic rush type. Me? I’m content to find it in the everyday actions around me.

These are just a few examples of the <3 from last weekend:

Blue: Whipping up the pesto, cooking the pork tenderloin and doing a fan-taboulous job. It was just one less thing for me to be focused on when there were 4 people hanging out in my kitchen. *kiss*

Frreenie: Getting up first in the morning and having the coffee brewing as I shuffle out of my bedroom. *lays head on shoulder*

Dilly: Showing up Sunday morning and sharing her H & H water boiled bagels, vegetarian sausage patties, and orange juice. *kiss-kiss, each check*

Mr. Guitar: Bringing his amazing jazz guitar CD’s without me asking! Cleaning out the bar-b-que and getting it ready for the roast. *closes eyes and remembers the music*

Dr. Esq: Presenting me with flowers because he was a poop and running late. *sniff, sniff … mmmmm spring*

Wesley2006: Being the consummate, charming, good guest and sending out a Thank You note on Sunday. *Thank you polite sir!*


Are you familiar with the song, “Easy Like Sunday morning”? That was our Sunday.

Dilly awoke first and tried to sneak out of the house – but the ever alert Frreenie was already awake. She dashed off, but assured us she’d be back. While Blue continued to sleep, Freenie and I drank coffee and chatted while listening to Bob Edward’s Weekend.

I left to drop Godzilla Girl off at church and returned in time to catch one of my favorite Jazz shows on WKNC. Soon Dilly was back gifting us with breakfast. Eventually the sunshine woke Blue and we all gorged ourselves on those amazing New York Bagels while listening to Bollywood music.

At one point the group of us ended up out on the patio for the dueling Hasselblad portrait session. I tell you – THAT is love and friendship; talking cameras, winding film, working with timers and light exposures – while everyone was good natured about “move this way”, “look over here”, no-no not THERE, HERE!”.

When all the film had been wasted …. we trooped back into the house and gathered around Dilly’s Mac. We took a virtual tour of her holiday last year to Egypt. Don’t less this woman fool you. She’s got a great eye – and a gift for making friends with the locals and snapping their pictures. All too soon it was noon and time for Blue to leave. After a lot of hugging – and promises to see each other soon – we let him drive off.

I have no idea where the next 2 hours went … (on a support call) … (and Dilly and Frreenie made me snort and be sarcastic with a customer too!) … but who can complain when they’re drinking wine and doing work? When the call from hell ended I adjourned to the porch to join the gang – and drink some more wine. They are SO wonderful – they jumped up and began cleaning the remains of the mess from the night before.

Now if that’s not LOVE, well I’ll be content with just “THIS” for the rest of my life.

photo credits by this guy!

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