Monday, October 29, 2007


Dr. Esq was right.

JoHo sucks ... and there's no smile on your face after ...

Tonight JoHo has struck in the form of garbage disposal backup.

F'you appliances ... F'you service calls ... F'you crappy office who will give me shit about having to come home for the service call - for the shitty plumber who will say,

"Well ma'am, if you just muscle up and twist this here screw until a vein pops out on your forehead ... and then crack the plastic pipe - you've done nothing to fix the problem. But if you just touch this here part where electricity runs, and then grunt like this while showing your crack .. uhhh-huh ... it'll be fixed.

Then he'll hand me a bill for close to $80.00 ... and I will THANK HIM and after he pulls away I will cry.

I suggest no one call or e-mail me after 3:00 pm tomorrow.


MitMoi said...

Translation, JoHo ...

Joy Of Home Ownership.

Geggie said...

Eek! I hope it worked out ok!