Friday, August 31, 2007

*stretch*, *deep breath*, *sigh*

I am home. It is wonderful. Not just the fact that management provides a soap dish for the bathroom, but I can have as much coffee as I want in the morning, I don’t have to worry about the smoke detector going off from too much steam in the shower, no pink bed sheets, and hardwood floors – not sticky carpeting, plus there is no more driving at the end of the day.

When I turned in my car today I discovered I’d driven 1,700+ miles in 12 days – so about 141 miles a day – AFTER an 8 hour day … be it in a customers office – or teaching a class. No check out time, a REAL sound system – and 3 days of luxury.

Originally, I was expecting company this weekend, but JOTS had unexpected family responsibilities – and publishing central would not release its hold on VividMuse. I am sad I won’t be spending time with my friends – but a secret little part of my is quite content with this outcome. Now I can be a total slob this weekend. Probably not much cooking – because that would require going to the store – and we know how I HATE shopping (true) – but lots of sleeping, maybe some writing, and a little wine here and there.

I have a random list of stuff to write about – but I stopped by the office after I got off the plane – and left that stuff there. So – this will have to suffice for today.

Homeward bound I wish I was Homeward bound Home, where my thoughts escaping Home, where my music’s playing Home, where my love lies waiting Silently for me Silently for me Silently for me *courtesy Simon and Garfunkel

Well, except, of course, I don’t have to wish anymore, I’m here – and no love lies waiting – at least not romantic love – but still that’s okay. I have my neighbors, friends, and church family around me. Home – to love for 12 days before I leave again!

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Joe said...

12 whole days? Woo-hoo! I better start reading that book I was supposed to read last week! ;)

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