Saturday, September 01, 2007

It hates me *runs away sobbing*

Yesterday, I arrived home. I wrote a post about how wonderful it was to be home (see below). Apparently my home cannot read. Or is holding a grudge. I am not sure which. Upon returning from my two week business trip, I entered my house and turned down/on the A/C as soon as I walked in. 3 hours later (at 9pm) last night I realized my house still hadn't cooled off – and I was sitting on my couch sweating – like a pig. I’d already switched to a T-shirt – and taken off my bra before it really set in, “Damn it's hot in here”. I walked to the thermostat – and figured I hadn’t taken it off the “travel program”. I noted it was 83 degrees – and pushed a few buttons. The fan switched on – but NO COOL AIR. Thanking God I now live in North Carolina and not Arizona (now that’s a first isn’t it?), I opened all my windows and screen doors, turned the ceiling fans up – and let that cool 65-70 degree air into my house and went to bed (after taking a cool shower). It was cool enough in the house, I actually slept under a sheet and a blanket. It’s still pleasant at this hour of the morning. But something tells me it will not remain like this – I’ve called the repair people. How much you want to bet it’s extra for SATURDAY, and double extra for the 3-day weekend thing? Welp, I guess all I can do is go on about my business. Time for a shower – head to the hair place – let them remove the gray – and then figure out “what next”. (Which will mean finding somewhere with free wireless and cool air I think!) Knowing all this is going on, I am EXTRA glad my company had to cancel last minute. “Hi! Welcome to my lovely home. I was missing Phoenix, so I just thought I’d stop using the AC – so you could experience what it’s like!” Yeah, that’s the way to win the hostess with the mostess award!


tp said...

OMG - Roof, now the A/C ??? Hope it's not more than a $25 bottle of wine ! *o*

Welcome to homeownership ! Whether you can afford it or not !! Aren't you glad you don't have one of those adjustable mortgages that just jumped $1000 a month !!!!! tp

Joe said...

Didn't you like just have to have your AC fixed not long ago, or am I misremembering?

Mit_Moi said...

Talla Paula two$25/bottles of wine plus another $5.00. *sigh, so basically a couple of meals.

Joe ...paperwork shows last time they were here was in January - for the HEATER.

It was a "compasitor" and the repair guy just left and I have cool air! Yippie!

tp said...

I believe "you" said a "capacitor". *O* No, you never clained to be a Spellor ! *O*

Woodstock said...

But, Mit, if it's 70 degrees outside why do you need AC? ;)

And no, North Carolina will never resemble Phoenix: 1) People on the east coast don't get excited about double digit humidity; indeed, we worry when the humidity is too *low* and 2) it will never be 135 in the grocery store parking lot making you afraid that if you don't run run run across the tarmac you'll stick and die a slow horrible death like a dinosaur at La Brea.

I H8 24 said...

Ours went on the blink at the lake last night. The repair work is gonna be the cost of about 85 small bottles of Lambrusco!!!!!!!!!