Thursday, August 30, 2007

Almost home - and gone again

But I’m not complaining … ‘cause I just got a call from my boss today.

He left a voice mail, trying to be all sly.

“Mit … uhh, I know you’ve been gone all but one week of August – and I know you’re tired. I hate to ask this favor of you, but could you give me a call? I need some information about the California seminar.”

I knew when I called what the deal was … but tried to play it cool. (okay, failed miserably)

Mittany: “So RHB, you need me to bail you out, eh?”

RHB: “What are you talking about?”

Mittany:“The reason you called, you need me to do California, don’t you?”

RHB:“Well, I know it’s an imposition (laughing) – will you think about it?”

Mittany:“Sure, give me a raise – and a better expense account”

RHB:“RAISE???? You should be giving us BACK money because we’re sending you home!”

So – it will be a flying trip – literally. Fly out Thursday, meeting on Friday, fly back on Saturday morning … – with two layovers. But – yippie! CA here I come …

It’s kind of a bittersweet trip. Because it is after 9/1, and company policy says I cannot take any vacation time – plus we’re down two staff members and receptionist at the office – and the season will be cranking up, so I cannot/will not have time to see any family – unless it’s Thursday night. I doubt my folks will want to drive that far south – to just see me for 2 or 3 hours (and I don’t blame them) … I have some cousins nearby – but not sure if I’ll have to do some client entertaining that night – most likely will – so *sigh*, so close yet not close enough.


tp said...

So glad your trip to CA is so timely - also a good thing we aren't planning to come down. Have a good visit with Rick - he needs all the friends that he has to emotionally support hime right now ! Divorce is devastating - tho a death would be tragic - but he will come out on the other side of this in time. Love to both of you.

Anonymous said...

Hiya stranger! So your office is down a receptionist, eh? Hmmm...are yall looking for a new perky, whacky, dependable, birkenstock sporting, receptionist who's full of smiles and sunshine? Let me know! I could totally use a change of occupational scenery.

Email me sometime to let me know how you're doing!



Anonymous said...

For RHB:
Since Mit is going to California to "bail you out". Why couldn't you give her some time off for Good Behavior?!!

Anonymous said...

to M.O.T.O.R. - Seems there should be some sort of compensation, doesn't it ? Like fly out of Sacramento - 250 miles closer to home !!!!! tp