Saturday, July 07, 2007

Eating with Pigs

I had dinner with two lawyers

Or sub-titled: there was lots of pork!

So, after some navigational problems, I picked up CWEsq., we returned to my side of town, wandered the aisles of Whole Foods, picked up some salami (1st pork incident), explained to the butcher what “lean” meant in relation to trimming a pork loin roast (2nd pork incident), picked up some other consumables and headed to the wine merchant around the corner. There we just “happened” upon a wine tasting of 4 Spanish wines. *sigh* life is soooo hard.

Departing from oenophile land, we dropped off luggage, headed to lunch and spoke of “extrusion processes”. (don’t ask, and I promise I won’t bore you with the details). Our next destination was the Farmer’s Market – where we picked the choicest yellow crook-neck squash, purple-hull peas, cucumbers, black and blue berries.

Returning to Casa de Mitter, we began our prep work. The pork was rubbed, the peas hulled, the grill prepped, cucumbers were sliced and combined with red-onions and sliced fennel, pepper flakes and vinegar and set to marinate. Pork fat was rendered (3rd showing), onions sautéed, and peas set to cook.

While consuming herbed salami and truffled cheese with some lovely Anchor Summer Brew we discussed all of YOU!

In due time – Dr. Whiney showed up – and around my table sat the two lawyers. Our topics ranged from pagan representation of fundamentalist Christian leaders to the problems with American health care.

Now the dishes are done – a glass of Spanish red, a few comments with the OKC crowd, then berries, ice-cream and scotch.

Yes, yes, it is good to feed at the trough with pigs!


tp(maybe it should be toilet paper ! said...

Sounds like a busy day from h--- to me ! But such fun --- and the meal sounds delicious !!!

Wonder what Mr. Esq. is going to say when he reads the last sentence of this - *O*

Mit_Moi said...

It had his stamp of approval before posting ... no potential lawsuits here!

tp said...

Is this CWEsq. one of the fellows you worked with when in Casa Grande and Fresno ???