Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Mosquitoes Irk Me!

Sad Mississippi News
North Carolina author Doug Marlette died yesterday morning. I sit here in Tunica, Mississippi, not more than an hour and a half away from where the tragedy occurred in Oxford. I heard the news as we drove in a horrible rainstorm, south from Memphis, TN, into Mississippi. It was if the furies were expressing their anguish at his departure. His novel, "The Bridge," which was selected the best novel of 2002 by the Southeastern Booksellers' Association, is one of the first southern novels about North Carolina I read after moving here. You can read more about his political cartooning in this News & Observer story
Funny thing about the N & O - there was another great story yesterday for all you electric guitarists hunting that elusive Jimi Hendrix sound. Seems one of our own, Glenn Wyllie, has developed a custom guitar effects pedal that just resonates with Jimi's sound. Clicky-click here to read about this amazing man.
Finally, I must confess. I love this group I'm traveling with for the next three days. Maybe it's because I'm the only girl, but whatever. It is so fun to be with all the "guys" and be treated as one of them. I am the best roadie and sound girl around. We now have 4 speakers, 3 screens, and two mics set up and ready to go for todays gig. Now let's cross our fingers that I don't screw up my demonstrations in front of 180 people!
Is it unfair to expect NO MOSQUITOES in your hotel room? In the elevator? How about in the seminar room? How can I concentrate on training people when my ankles are being eaten alive by the little buggers?!! I think I'm going to buy repellent tonight.

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