Thursday, July 05, 2007

Cranky, tired, no time for THIS

Okay - too much ice tea late last night. Made for poor sleeping ... Lack of sleep make Mitter's cranky! and now I've been stuck on a support call for 40 minutes with a customer who is as about as bright as mud! Do I need to spend time with customers today?? NO!!! What I need to be doing is making reservations for my trip week after next and finalizing data for the National Seminar next Wednesday in Tunica, Mississippi. But here I sit - all outwardly pleasant and inwardly irritated ... as soon as I get off this call (which doesn't look like it will be in the near future), I am not taking anymore calls! Cheers - Happy Thursday to everyone else.

1 comment:

tp said...

Atta girl - take control of your day ! Know the feeling !