Wednesday, July 04, 2007


I hope everyone has clear skys, shade during the day, cold beer, potato salad, scrumptious burgers (groumet of course!) and beautiful star-bust, sky-splitting, breath-sucking, gasp-inducing fireworks to view tonight!

I am trying to be *shudder* disciplined and get the following list knocked out today:

  • Kitchen Dishes washed - done
  • Refrigerator cleaned out - done
  • Kitchen floor swept - done
  • Sweep bathroom floor - done
  • Dining room table cleared of debris (mail, magazines, etc) - done
  • Couch cleared of MORE debris (writing folders, newspapers, books) - done
  • Shoes and purses absconded from living room floor - done
  • Guest closet cleared of stuff that's been stashed in there because I was too lazy to haul it back to the attic - done
  • Dust both bedrooms, living room, dining room shelves - done
  • Spray/wash shower curtain - done
  • Scrub tub - done
  • Wipe down counter tops etc. - done
  • Mop bathroom floor/kitchen floor - done
  • Dust-mop all hardwood floors - done
  • Scrub deck railing to remove unsightly mold - done
  • Hose down deck and porch - done
  • Windex porch tables
  • Finish reading business plan
And of course - have a libation or two while doing all of this! :)


Mit_Moi said...

Things accomplished not on the list:

Wipe down all cabinets in kitchen
Clean oven-hood
Send b'day cards for while I'm out of town
Wash rugs
Clean top of refrigerator

tp said...

I can see the whirlwind you're creating ! *o* And when does this person/persons arrive ??

Keep at it - you gonna git there, girl !

Mit_Moi said...

Also added to the list - wash living room curtains

Sweep attic & re-organize (of course, this only matters to me)

Do laundry.

Now off to do the porch thing, then finish the bathroom and get cleaned up! Almost there. (or so I thought at 6:00 pm this evening)


I hate being anal ... especially not being anal "enough". So things are done, done past the point of good sense (can you say scrubbing in the dark?), but not done "well enough" for me. *sigh* It must be a Mitter Family trait to finish yard work in the dark.

So who do you think won? Tenacious Mittany or the persistent mosquitoes?

And I also broke down and ordered pizza for dinner - because quite frankly, I am all done in.

Anonymous said...

So sorry to be the cause of your extra labours, Mitters, but I'll be sure to dote over all that you've done! The inspection tour is less than 72 hours from now.

CW, Esq.

Anonymous said...

The really odd thing is that your effort has inspired mine, and I've just finished cleaning an empty house that will stay empty for 5 days. I guess I'm equally anal -- can't stand to leave an untidy home. Don't really know whom I'm trying to impress, I mean, do the folks from the NTSB really put anything in their incident reports about how neat the house was?

CW, Esq.

Anonymous said...

Atta girl - crack that whip !!!
Yes, I know who won - I'll put 10 on the mosquitoes !!!!

Mit_Moi said...

CW Esq, I am the same way before I leave on a trip. House must be "ship-shape" before I leave too!

Who wants to be tired from a trip and besides unpacking also face a messy house?