Friday, June 01, 2007

Notes from Home

Hi Mit,

I enjoyed a new experience Tuesday evening, and thought I'd tell you about it.

The people from our Juvenile Hall found out that I conduct fly fishing classes. They called and asked if I would teach one for the kids who were in there. I said yes.

So Tuesday evening I instructed a group how to attach line backing to a fly reel and taught the knots necessary to assemble backing, fly line and leader butt. We accomplished this in an hour.

There were ten or twelve people in the class in ages ranging from thirteen to seventeen. In order to attend this class they had to have accumulated a certain number of merits for good behavior. Two members of the staff were present to see that order was maintained.

Either there was a high level of interest or they accepted the challenge to learning how to tie the knots. Whichever it was, they were quite attentive.

This is to be a four part series with fly tying next Monday. I will attempt to teach them how to tie a Wooly Bugger. A simple fly to tie AND an effective fish getter.

The third session will be fly casting and that should be interesting. The fourth class will be an "On-the-water" experience on Ellis Lake with them attempting to catch whatever the lake has to offer. There has always been Blue Gill in the lake and hopefully they will cooperate.

Also, two other members of the E.C.Powell Fly Fishers and I are presenting the first of six sessions of Beginning Fly Fishing in cooperation with the Parks and Recreation Department here. This will consist of four two-hour classroom sessions and an, "on-the water" casting lesson. Then on the following Saturday we will take them fishing somewhere.

I was worried that the thing was going to fall flat, because until just a few days ago we only had five people signed up. We how have eighteen.

[insert editorial comment]WOW![/editorial comment]

So I am busy trying to get myself organized and materials gathered up for the various subjects.

Hopefully some of the people in the class will join our fly fishing club. One of the objectives of the club is to promote the sport of fly fishing along with proper stream manners, and something about conservation of the resource.

I am glad that I can give something back to the sport that I have enjoyed for years.

Oh yes. I am getting a puppy. Your mother is less then happy about it. This is kind of a cur dog. No purebred. Half German Wirehair and half Brittany Spaniel. It's a female and was born a day or two before Good Friday. The owner of the mother only wants to get his cost out of tail docking, puppy shots etc. So at first it will be a cheap dog.

It will be hard to tell if it will be worth a damn as a bird dog or not for a couple of years.

Got to go,




I don't know if you can tell, but I am so proud of my Dad. For many reason. Among them, I admire that he's undertaken this class at Juvenal Hall. He's a pretty "black and white" guy. (ie: right is right and wrong is wrong) so this is really a chance for him to step out of his comfort-zone. I love that he has a chance to interact with these young kids. I hope they'll continue to surprise him - and I hope that he can show them what discipline and dedication can bring to your life. And there are other options in life than the ones they've chosen.

I also love that fact that as a 76 year old man, he's still active with his fly-fishing club, concerned about the environment, wants to pass on his passions, is physically active, and not just sitting in his easy chair.

PS: Talla Palla Has indeed fallen in love with the puppy. They've named her Annie. (Sassy was also an option, but didn't make the cut).

So, there's your snap-shot of the Mitter family. Hope you don't think it's too lame.

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tp said...

Ypur father was honored by your comments.