Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The Californian

This may come as a shock to you, but as a child I was considered a picky eater. No, not because I turned my nose up at anything but quality ingredients, but because few things appealed to me.

A favorite Mitter Familiy Story is of me being pushed down the soup aisle of the grocery store. I was a very young child, toddler age, and I called out, "Dinner, dinner, dinner" as we passed by each type of soup. Seems soup, butter and jelly, and honey and butter, sandwiches were about all I'd eat.

I can remember a few years later my family bringing a Tupperware bowl of cold cereal and a glass of milk along with them when they went out for pizza. Yep, I didn't like pizza. I didn't like peanut butter (one of our neighbors could not believe the was a kid in the US that didn't like peanut butter), but yep. It was me!

Somewhere along the line my tastes broadened. I think it was the whole 70's, "whole foods/back to nature" thing that was taking off in California due to the Hippy movement. I can remember my mom suddenly coming home with pita bread, bean sprouts, avocados, kiwis and all sorts of interesting things.

One of the first "outlandish" or "wild things" I can recall liking was a particular sandwich from the Bent Prop Deli (RIP). I haven't had a sandwich like that in years - and years. Probably since I left California in 1984. Every time I go into a deli I hope they'll have it. Invariably they have a pale comparison.

For some strange reason, it hit me this weekend that I could reward myself by making my OWN sandwich. So I did yesterday. (Because someone has been avoiding going to the grocery store all weekend. Lord how I hate all forms of shopping.) Listed below are the ingredients for the "Californian". If you think is sounds gross, tell someone else! :)

The Californian a la Mittany

1 Sourdough baguette or deli shaped roll, split and lightly toasted.

Whole grain mustard


Mashed avocado paste

Thinly sliced "English" cucumber (it means it's seedless)

3 rings of red onion

Swiss or provolone cheese

Alfalfa spouts - (or what ever type you like)


Toast bread, spread top-half with whole grain mustard, schmear smashed avocado and then embed red onion rings.

On bottom half bottom spread mayo, then layer cucumber, and alfalfa sprouts. Place piece of cheese on both halves of bread. Generously pile Pastrami on bottom. Gently bring top and bottom layers together. Place on plate with Vinegar & Salt Potato Chips as garnish. Add dill pickle spear to plate.

Poor Sierra Nevada Pale Ale into frosty cold mug. Have napkin at the ready.

I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed this sandwich. I should remember to reward myself more often!

ps: Side note. If you have a digital thermostat in your house? And it's set to auto-cycle based on the day of the week? Your house might get slightly warm (81F or 26.6 c) while you sit in it cooking and writing away. Funny how the damn thing doesn't know it's a holiday, and you're NOT at work! :)


Anonymous said...

Mashed avocado paste ...what I would use to put a mashed avocado back together! -alacrityfitz

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Bindyree said...

I remember the Bent Prop, and I might even also have convinced myself that I remember that sandwich!