Saturday, June 02, 2007

Things I Suck At – or Really Bad Habits I Excel at, Take Your Pick

At work
Editing help menus (because they’ve made it difficult – because the idiot who actually will make the edits cannot read my text and then make changes accordingly. Instead I have to long hand write out each change on the current help with has been printed out!)
Booking training/sales visits (granted, the product isn't out of the programmers hands, it hasn't been tested, and I hate the previous incarnation BUT
Developing sessions for the National Seminar and subsequent Regional Seminars
At home
hiring a new yard guy
scrubbing my deck
cleaning out the “gardening room” under the deck
sweeping my attic
Dinner Groups
Reorganization of the two that fell apart
Hello!!!???, said you’d be Co-president, and WHAT have you done?
Getting things mailed

Which will come as no surprise to Talla Palla.

So those of you out there in awaiting delivery-land? See above, "Procrastination".

Soon, you should be receiving crumbly, moldy, stale morsels.

I am off to the "mail-things-around-the-globe-and-here-in-the-US-place" as soon as I get done with this post and take a shower. I swear to God! On all that is holy, may no alcohol pass these lips until it's done!

PS: WTF was I thinking?? Me get something mailed? Clearly I am daft. Baking? No problem. Mailing? Epic task (for me, not for the rest of the world.) I don't know, it's some bizarre sickness

(Thanks are not necessary)

Sticking to resolutions:
  • Stop procrastinating
  • Start waking up at 5:00 (like I use to)
  • Walking each morning like I use to so I will be beautiful and not a huffing hippo on upcoming trip
  • Eat smaller portions
  • Write for an hour – or do research so I can write
  • Pray/read Bible consistently, not just when I’m troubled
  • Not logging onto certain places that will suck up endless hours of my time and feed the procrastination monster(tm)


In person. I do okay on line – or in writing, but in person?!! Give it up.

Admitting I was wrong. See above “Procrastinating” and “Apologizing”

Digging holes of Procrastination and Unfulfilled Promises

Which leads me to avoiding/ignoring people, deadlines, and life!

Failure to correspond with people in a timely manner/return phone calls

There is a huge list of people I owe communication with. Some of it is family, some are long-term friends, some are recent acquaintances. For the life of me I do not know why I get overwhelmed and become "frozen" about this. I mean, clearly I am capable of writing, and clearly I am writing almost everyday. *sigh*

There is one person who's getting a steady stream of missives. Hopefully he realizes how lucky he is ... and if it suddenly dries up, he will not think it's something he's done. He'll just know it's my illness.

Recklessly Spending Money

Okay – this is the weirdest one of all. I am not a compulsive shopper/buyer. In fact I think the whole thought of spending money is what makes me hate running errands so much. Because every errand requires me to spend money – which I don’t like doing. So, I procrastinate on errands.

Normally I’m pretty good about budgeting – and keeping to it. Unless it comes to food or wine. But every once in a while I’ll go on a spending jag. Nothing major mind you. Maybe (like this week) a tablecloth for an upcoming dinner party. Or even new dishes for the table … or a dinner out with a friend from out of town. All total – I bet less than a couple hundred dollars of deviation from the budget - maybe every six months.

But still? The guilt? Crushing – which just seems to start the cycle of agitating crap feelings about myself that more violently.

Beating myself up for being Human

So, do you love me now?



16 dozen cookies, 12 people 3 countries, 5 states - on their way!


TP said...

Know what ? I know where you got all those crappy habits - *~* - not just me, tho - your father has a FEW of them, too. *o* The interesting that I've learned for myself: when I do get things done and don't put them off --- I feel soooo much better ! Like the weight of the world is lifted off my shoulders !

You do so much for so many other people - why don't you treat yourself to a little reorganization of you time for m-time ! Can't tell you how much better your whole outlook will be. NO - I haven't conquered then all, but each one is a huge step !!!

krisis said...

I can't mail anything. The problem has plagued me for years. It's just such an annoyingly antiquated system - stamps, and all that. We should all just have a personal bar code, like businesses do.