Saturday, March 20, 2010

Own it!

One of the things you hear in creative corners is, "It's all been done before" ... and then a lot of gnashing of teeth. We're constantly being told to "make it your own" - even though there are only a few basic story lines in this world. YOURS has to be different.

Same with cooking. How can you make the same ingredients "different". And different in a way that works - harmoniously. 

I read on an editor's blog today a post about making a story your own. She, in turn, linked to a YA author's great illustration of "how although it's all been done before, over and over again, a story/song/work of art can still be extremely original and satisfying to the public".

Here's the illustration. I LOVE it.

Happy sunny Saturday. Although I'm stuck indoors cleaning, I have the windows and doors (with screens) open. Spring smells yummy!


Anonymous said...

For those of us not in the 'know' - was that one song composed of all those major artists recordings ? If so, it was very pleasing ! tp

Anonymous said...

After reading 'editor's blog' in your blog, I know what I think is missing in your book - you ! Your particular style of writing - call it sarcasm or whatever, but it lack a person feeling. I couldn't have told you that, when I read it. tp

Anonymous said...

What?? They couldn't fit Hanson or Tiny Tim in there somewhere???