Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Food Wednesday - Green Day!

So here they are singing "Food Around the Corner".

What's this got to do with Food Wednesday? Well - today is St. Patty's day, right? A "green day". Or it could be about spring - and CSA (community supported agriculture) - and a "green day" for eating local and sustainable produce.

Or it could be referring to my favorite local brewery - Full Steam. Who's motto is "Plow to Pint". They're not open to the public yet .. SOOOOOOOOON though. Their current offerings include:

Hogwash! Hickory-Smoked Porter 
Sweet Potato Ale

First Frost (winter persimmon ale)  

But really - it's all about "Food Around the Corner" aka the venison I had for dinner last night. I have a friend who's a bow hunter. I had a dream about molasses.  I put the two together - they were great. 

Molasses, grated fresh ginger, Chinese black vinegar, cracked tri-color peppercorns. I marinated the venison loin in the molasses/ginger/vinegar mixture for about 30 minutes. (Next time I'll try for over night.) Then I placed it on a roasting rack. Brushed with more of the marinade - and ground crack pepper over the whole loin.

I popped it in the the oven that was set to broil. Cooked 5 minutes per side until it had an internal temp of 155 - which climbed to 160 as it rested.  I sliced it thin - and served with Algerian Carrots (cumin, lemon, brown sugar, olive oil, garlic) and steamed broccoli.

Next time I'm going to reduce some of the non-marinade molasses mixture - until it becomes a thick syrup - as a garnish. And make a starch. I think it would be delightful with a hearty Hunter's Mushroom polenta or mashed potatoes.

So - here's a beer to you. Enjoy the best o'the day - and DON'T drink any green beer. It's swill.

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Anonymous said...

Yuuuuummm - mushroom polenta sounds wonderful - make us some, will you ? *o* tp