Friday, February 05, 2010

Surpassing Expectations - Once again

Sorry for the radio silence yesterday. I guess I used up all my words on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

Wednesday Night dinner was a success! I have overcome the jar mentality. Or - maybe I should say the church dinners have convinced the congregation that "Cooked by Mit" is better than the jar. Several people commented that "church spaghetti" was one of their least favorite meals. Too sweet, bland, sticky noodles, etc. But "my spaghetti" was terrific. Of course, it's not really the spaghetti they were impressed with. Spaghetti is a pasta - and this was Sam's Club "Bag-o-Spaghetti-for-a-Million-People". They were however blown away with the Bolognese sauce (as well they should be). I just wish I'd served it with tagliatelle - so I could convince them there is more than spaghetti out there. Well, in two weeks I'll introduce Orecchiette, that'll show them.

While I was talking about the dinner on Facebook, my friend Chris (aka Blue) the photographer from Philly chimed in about how I'm changing the perception of church food. He said he'd like to do a project on it (my menus and cooking for the church - and other southern churches that are going green & local). Of course I told him I was up for any project with him. (Truth statement: I'd do anything with this man. I think he's the greatest. Of course, not the only great man I know. But in the top 5 for sure.)

Shortly after that he called. He's going to pitch the idea of "New Foodways of the Southern Church" to the Oxford American. Apparently they have a food issue each year. He thinks this might be a good fit. I say "come on down". It would be a fun project.

Speaking of projects - this unemployment project isn't progressing as fast as I (or 20% of the US unemployed and underemployed) would like it too. I really do like what I'm doing at the moment - but church dinners will stop at the beginning of May (we follow the school schedule). THEN what will I do for "supplemental" income?

I was hopefully about a contact I made two weeks ago - but there has been no progress on that front. The fact that Dr. Whiney and I had a blowout fight over my resume - which stalled me emotionally - and precipitated me not sending my resume in a timely manner is all my fault - and I'm sure a huge contributing factor in the lack of contact by said company. *sigh* I hate it when I act irrationally. Which is NOT to say I was wrong in the disagreement. I just shouldn't have let it stall me.

Another promising opportunity came up this week. There was mention of a "screening call" - but nothing has happened yet.

And now I've depressed myself all over again. Great. Not my intention. Well moving on, my "To-Do" List is a mile long. Writing on the blog is always nice - but not going to help anything get marked off the list, nor find me a new career/job. Better get back to it.

Happy Friday everyone - enjoy your Super Bowl.


Christopher Paquette said...

full steam ahead on this project....

Anonymous said...

There are a lot of people out there who are in the same non-work situation, including me. We're all gonna be okay. Jobs are tough to find, but we'll eventually get back on track. If all else fails, my backup plan is to be a midnight stripper at the International House Of Pancakes.


Anonymous said...

Swallow that pride, listen to the Doc. and take the pill.