Monday, February 08, 2010

Guess what I have??

I have an interview set up for this coming Friday AM. 

It is with a small but growing medical software company that provides a portal interface with doctor offices so patients can schedule appointments, call in prescription refills, and ask simple medical questions of the doctor office staff. 

The position I originally applied for was entry level. Upon review of my resume, they are bringing me in for a mid-level position. It still is a lower annual salary than I was making, but at a survival number. They believe the company will continue to grow - and employees will move up in the company - plus create new positions that are not currently envisioned. Which means opportunity for me to move up and earn more money. 

My interview will be Friday morning. Which means this week is turning out to be jammed packed. 

Yesterday I worked on a luncheon that was served today. They had "Un-L.A. Chickpea Salad", green salad w/a raspberry-Dijon vinegarette, lasagna, Italian bread, thyme roasted carrots, and lemon bars for dessert. 

Tomorrow and Wednesday I'll be prepping and cooking for a Chinese New Year dinner. We're having Beef w/Orange segments, Broccoli in oyster sauce, and Longevity noodles. Plus coconut rice pudding for dessert. 

I will be cooking all day Friday after the interview for the annual Valentine's musical event held at our church. Last year I cooked, this evening I'll be acting as the "Executive Chef or Chef de Cuisine" - ie: managing the front of the house and delivery rate of the food - while a good friend will be the sous chef. It is his menu and food. I feel honored that he has asked me to carry out this role.

Which is also to say - that I won't be able to tell you anything about the interview until ... late Saturday. Why? Because Saturday morning I'll be working with the men's group from church on our "Kitchen Cleaning Saturday". They've agreed to assist me with a deep cleaning of the entire kitchen. We'll be moving out all the rolling stock (freezers/refrigerators), cleaning the hanging line (ie: where utensil & pots and pans hang), plus scrubbing all the bright-work/stainless steel, work table/equipment legs, and cleaning the ovens/stove tops, refrigerators and freezers! Yee-haw. I can hardly wait to get it all done.   

Any and all prayers & positive thoughts are appreciated.


Bob said...

keeping my fingers crossed on the job interview. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the job interview!! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you!!



mamie said...

What a week - I'm dizzy (and hungry) just thinking about it. You are amazing. It'll show.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you are finally getting help in the kitchen !!! And, your meals sound great ! Where did you find this Sous Chef ???? They gonna miss you when you gone ! Good luck with the interview !!!!!!!!! tp

Lisa Paul said...

Good luck on your interview. Keep us posted.