Sunday, December 27, 2009

Now I've heard it all!

For Christmas I received two old cookbooks (from the 40s). They are great - in a social-science-project way.

I've just started going through the first book - "New American Cookbook"

This is what caught my eye in the introduction.

"Good meals, attractively served, go a long way towards keeping the family together." Perhaps the current political administration can get on this. 

Here are some of the recipes that I will NOT be trying:

"Sauteed Bananas"

Cut peeled bananas into quarters. Dip in lemon juice. Roll in CORN-FLAKE CRUMBS. Suate in pan with butter until well browned. SERVE ON LETTUCE. (you can also use corn meal instead of corn-flake crumbs!)

"Rice Ring w/ Creamed Dried Beef"

"Cereal Rarebit" (includes cold cereal, MUSTARD, Worcestershire Sauce and GRATED CHEESE)

Clearly this cook book is for prison populations. 

"Eggs w/Carrot Sauce" (srsly ... "carrot sauce")

And for the holidays "Hot Pineapple Eggnog". (you can tell who the sponsors are ... clearly the pineapple institute was a BIG donor).

Yet another "gem" is "Mint Jelly Cobbler".

Ingredients include 1/2 cup mint jelly, 1/2 cup lemon juice, 1/4 water, shaved ice.

Break up jelly slightly with fork. Add lemon juice and water. Fill glasses 2/3 full of shaved ice. Pour lemon mixture over ice, letting bits of jelly serve as garnish. Serve AT ONCE with short straws.

Okay - moving on ...

My Christmas was very nice. We made it up to Winston -Salem "early" (only 2 1/2 hours late). Everyone was so impressed with me and my "organizational skills". Seems this is the first year Dr. Whiney hasn't arrived at 5:00 pm for the 2pm present exchange with gifts unwrapped.

I cannot take any credit ... for the presents or the wrapping. I was in bed on the eve of Christmas eve by 9pm - and awoke from a deep sleep to answer Dr. Whiney's phone call informing me he was done with his shopping and only needed to wrap presents.

I however can take credit for getting him out of bed and on the road.

And then? Once we were there? It was LOVELY. Really, truly, nicely, lovely. Dinner with the immediate family - then an open house for the extended family. It was great to hear all the sibling stories from Dr. Whiney's generation - and from his parents generation. After we went to his brothers house and spent the night.

Christmas morning was quiet and low key - even with his nephews who are 3 and 6. And we laid around in our pajamas and had mimosas - and watched the kids play with their flying machines of attack. When it became too much for this curmudgeon, I retreated to the peacefully quiet living room to rush through the best book ever. (or that was available.) I think one of the nicest things was they totally understood my need to be separate - and just let me be. We came home that night - and now I find myself at the beach for a few days of winter solstice with good friends.

How was YOUR holiday?

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Megan said...

First, in the interest of full disclosure...I don't think that banana thing sounds all bad.

Second, Guitar Hero saved Christmas. Everyone was supposed to come on the 24th and couldn't because of massive amounts of flooding. So we were staring at the 7 pounds of ham that was intened for 5 people, and we got depressed so we opened Guitar Hero and played that. People started arriving the next day and he roped them into playing while I was finishing cooking and whatnot, and no one noticed we ate an hour later than intended. Plus, this was our first blended Christmas with both of our families present and the 1st year we did Christmas at my house.

It was probably the best Christmas we had in years, so that was good.