Monday, October 19, 2009

A trip in pictures

Not much time - and we'll be on the plane. Maybe later in the week I can tell more stories.

We left the vineyards of the Central Valley ...

And then drove through the valley - where wind fuels the lights.

We crossed a bridge or two ...

the sky was so blue on this side of the mountains.

You'd think this was Montana or Wyoming with our wide expanses.

But sooner or later you'll come to the Pacific - and a little lighthouse down the cliffs.

You thank god you got there at 4:30 - so you didn't have to climb 300 steps down and back - that's why were all smiling and not looking back!

The city is a wonderful thing - you never get complacent - with so much grandure in one place.

The good doctor jogged along Chissy Field - finding the dead body - while we leasuirsly strolled (and avoided the grim sites) - then home we went to the valley just past the Castro.

The homes stack up ...

And if this is where I laid my head each night - it 'twod be difficult to convince me to travel again.

But crossing the bay - to have a Peroni and some calamary might just do the trick - 'cause Angelino's is pretty darn slick.

What a nice way to end this great trip - so now the good doctor says 'bye ...

And here's me - trying not to cry - about leaving my city by the bay and returning to the East Coast way.


Anonymous said...

I like your poetic approach to your vacation ! Great pictures, too. I was looking for one of Eric, Gail & Joey ? tp

Anonymous said...

I love the pictures - thanks for including them in your story !!! tp