Saturday, October 17, 2009

There are worse things ...

than owing a gold mine, I suppose.

There is time to reflect on the rape of the earth

To enclose your domaine with artful protection

To collect samples of stunning specimens from all over the world
The Cottage
While you relax at "The Cottage"
These images are so going to enrich my story-telling. What an era of machines, and men, and power. Political, hydraulic, and wasteful.
But beauty and art are everywhere - you just don't know what hill you'll find it on.
Daffidills & Barbwire
And everything looks different close up

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Anonymous said...

These two pictures turned out great !! And I didn't realize you have so much awareness of what makes photos interesting ? Could that be because in the past you rarely had time to even look at photos ????? *o* tp