Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Ack! We're leaving ...

and of course, I'm feeling like I'm not ready in the least.

Tomorrow at this time, Dr. Whiney, Esq. and I will be on our way to Northern California. 

He has been on me all summer to take a trip with him out to San Francisco. Of course with the crazy Webinar schedule at my former employer, that wasn't possible. When I got laid off he said, "Let's go now." And I of course had to remind him that although laid off equaled no office hours - it also meant no money. (and that all my time should be spent LOOKING for a job, not traveling the US). 

He is picking up the tab for this trip. He says he's paying me to be his tour guide.  Which is nice - but still bothersome for me. I don't care if he has WAY TOO MUCH DISPOSABLE INCOME) - I don't like feeling like I can't pay my own way - and that I am using someone. 

However, he's said many times this summer (long before the layoff) - that he's been looking at his friends and family - and evaluating those relationships. Some people only call when they need something (money, legal advice, medical opinions) and they are never there for him when he needs to be encouraged/supported/challenged to grow/move in a new direction.

But I, on the other hand, am always offering to cook a meal for him, inviting him to do something fun/interesting - because I want him to go with me, and consistently GIVE HIM HELL about his life. (Who else is going to talk shit to a lawyer/doctor?) He knows I'm here not because he can pick up the tab, but because I like teasing him mercilessly. He thinks I am one of his "true" friends (which of course is right). So he's trying to concentrate on the friendships/relationship that edify him.

And all of that to point out there is NOTHING in the last romantical about our relationship. Which is good - 'cause he is still crazy and talking about wanting to start a family (at-an-age-older-than-me-I-am-not-supposed-to-mention-how-old-he-is-which-is-still-young-(and he is young looking)-unless-it's-about-the-family-thing. Then-not-so-young.) Of course, you know me. NOT ME, NOT EVER for a family (or my own that I birth or raise, unless they come with someone more incredible than a really, really, fine 42 year-old-single-malt-Scotch and I am not holding my breath).

Also he cannot make/stick to a plan to save his soul - and a few other things that would require me to kill him dead within weeks of starting any kind of intimate relationship.

Here's what I have planned for our trip. He requested we go to Central Cali - so we'll drive up there tomorrow after we land in San Jose. (We're flying in/out of San Jose, don't ask)

We'll spend Wed night with Mom and Dad. Thur we'll go up to the gold rush country - and go see the mines - the Empire Mine and Malakoff Diggins - which is also the North Bloomfield Gravel Company - both mines figure prominently in my novel. It will also be fun for him (I hope) as he is my "advisor" on the legal aspects of the book.  The environmental lawsuit that started US environmental protection regulations in the US happened at Malakoff.

Friday we're going to Lodi and to see my brother. There's the School Street Wine Stroll - 25 wineries and food vendors holding a big to-do. So we'll stay there and do that. I've also picked out 3-4 wineries to visit before the stroll starts.

Saturday we'll drive across to Point Reyes. It should be a beautiful drive - and we'll eat lunch at Osteria Stellina. Then we'll come on down Hwy 1 to Muir Woods. Go for a walk there - and go see my cousins. Maybe go to Angelino's (a family friend's place) in Sausalito. Finally we'll head across the Golden Gate and into the city. We have a hotel on the Wharf (in the middle of tourist town - but at least convenient and affordable to what all we want to do.)

That night we have tickets to go see Nellie McKay! at Yoshi's. A venerable S.F. jazz club. (Actually, the SF location is fairly new. The original is in Oakland and has been around since the 70s.)

Sunday I think we're going to hit Golden Gate Park and check out the newly (to me) remodeled deYoung. If the weather is nice - and Kevin's friend Jen can arrange it, we might go sailing. If not, I might also take Kevin to Fort Point, which has spectacular views. And is where Josiah is first stationed when he comes with the Corp or Engineers to Calif.

Before the end of today, I need to have all the addresses/maps printed out for our trip. So far I have all the stuff for the gold country done. I have wineries picked out of some touring before the wine stroll Friday night.

I have the itinerary for Sat/Sunday done. Just need maps/directions/addresses for the things (and then my spreadsheet will be done.) AND DO NOT MAKE FUN OF MY SPREADSHEET AND GOOGLE MAPS - they are things of divine beauty and planning!!!!

I also need to finalize all the food quantities for the Wed night dinners from 10/21 - 11/12. I did get the 10/hr week cooking job. I met with the director of the program yesterday. We've planned all the menus. I promised I'd have shopping lists, recipes, and schedules to her today. Ack! Ack! Ack!

SO - that's what all is going on with me. Well - that plus networking like crazy and applying for jobs - and researching companies that I'd like to work for - and walking and going 100 mph. I'll try to write, "Having a great time, wish you were here!" messages between now and next Monday.


mamie said...

I read the entire post carefully and was elated when I got toward the end and saw that you will be in SF on Sunday. I am begging you to make Glide Memorial UMC part of your trip. The church is in the Tenderloin District, 9 and 11 services, and it is the most uplifting, electrifying church I have ever visited. You will not be sorry. Please say yes!

Be safe. Have fun. Catch you on the flip side.

Megan said...

Wow. Sounds like a great trip! I think its excellent you made the decision to go (I have a hard time with letting people pay for me as well. My husband is still in shock from last year's trip to NYC when he basically dragged me around the city offering to buy me things...and I could not let him. My mother swears I cannot possibly be her child). Anyway, its hard to overcome that, but I think this is one of those times that will be worth it.

Have fun, fun, fun!

Anonymous said...

Gosh - sounds like dinner and early to bed, for you, tomorrow night ! Also considering we are 3 hrs. ahead of us out here ! *o*

I'll take care of the dinner (okay!) and I have a "few" little things for you to look at before/after dinner - before you go to bed !!!! Love you,

By the way, sure glad you are not flying in today - 40-50 mph winds and rain ! tp

Anonymous said...

Ya know Mit I think that I know someplace that could use your planning talents. Also, you could give directions that are required to be followed. Uncle SAM needs you at the Pentagon for moving troops and equipment between Iraq and Afghanistan. The pay isn't too hot but the benni's are great! lol :o) 2tall