Friday, August 28, 2009

Stafano Bollani - Stairway to Heaven

Since I’m in the seminar right now – I can’t listen to this clip to see if it’s what I heard this morning.


What I heard was a trio – (of course a jazz trio) playing Stairway to Heaven. I’m not always a big fan of changing from one genera to another – but it worked okay this time.


So – this is very painful – watching/listening to my coworker. I keep wanting to interrupt him – tell a funny story – or elaborate on what he’s saying. This is going to be a big snore.


Well – I better start paying attention so I can critique him (oh the joy).


Going to see Gone with the Wind tonight (if the big wind from Danny isn’t dumping gallons of rain) at the outdoor theater on North Carolina Art Museum’s big screen. I guess it’s some big deal – it will be a big deal if I can stay awake for two hours. An avid movie goer/watcher I am not.


One final note – my friend Ken – who has been on the morning list – while stationed in Iraq – is on his way home (or at least some time this week). For good, I assume. It will be nice to have him back in town (and safe).


Have a great weekend everyone – see you on Monday!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Mit...Excuse me but, was this supposed to be a new rendition of THE Stairway to heaven that was written by Led Zeppelin? If so, I think that you may have goofed. The piano player looked like Marty Feldman/Gene Wilder/with a hint of Gene Simmons thrown in. Sounded like Italian... Some sort of comedy routine.