Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Jake Langley - Cheesecake!

I started Monday’s post (which didn't get posted) with a huge ‘Happy Birthday’ to my friend Sidonie in California.

This is her, on the deck of the cabin at Butte Meadows.

Another friend of mine, Eric, and I spent a night on this deck – in a lounge chair – looking up at the stars and listening to the river. There might have been some sleep involved. I’m sure it was because we’d been to the Bambi Inn – and played pool with the lumberjacks. There’s no other way I’d have slept, I’m sure.

Notice the the yummy looking cheesecake mélange? That’s my girl – enjoying a little bit of everything.

Jake Langley does a little bit of everything too. He’s a jazz guitarist, producer, and composer. This song comes of his “Diggin’ In” album from 1965. Today’s song is a Dexter Gordon composition. Here’s a YouTube video of Louis Armstrong singing the song. (It’s a hoot. (ha! Jason, this is SO YOU!))

I had these great visions of cooking this weekend. I did make some great sukiyaki – but never made it to the Farmer’s Market for tomatoes or peaches – so the Gazpacho and cobbler went unmade. There’s Boston Butt pork roast on sale at $0.99 – I plan on doing my shopping after work. Tomorrow morning I’m going to make this slow cooked pork taco meat. I refuse to call it carnitas, because carnitas are roasted – and caramelized and have a crunch to them.

So if I didn’t do any cooking, what did I do? Well Saturday I did laundry. (I know huge, accomplishment, right?) And paid some bills. And a whole lot of reading. But not research – and class reading. Just procrastinating type reading. However Sunday – the productivity bug bit hard – and I was glad. I washed all the wood furniture in my house down with Murphy’s Oil Soap. I put back together the guest room, dust mopped all the floors – and washed all the dining room/living room windows. Cleaned my bedroom and the bathroom. The house looks great. I didn’t get the kitchen/bathroom floor mopped – nor the window screens cleaned. And my poor plants still languish in 10 year old potting soil – but who knows. Maybe this coming weekend I’ll be productive again.

Once again, Happy B’day Sid!!!

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mamie said...

I did that "cleaning up" thing Saturday and Sunday too - forgot to take my day of rest. I'm paying....