Friday, August 07, 2009

Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers - Calling Miss Khadija

I can find out no information on Miss Khadija. However, I really like this song. The piano and the upright bass – and then the cymbals join in. It’s a fast moving song … kind of a scurrying feeling to it. Or maybe madly rushing traffic with those trumpets in the background?

It’s Friday, can you believe it?

I only have one more week to complete TWO webinars. There has been some sort of technical glitch with the sound recording on my computer that we can’t figure out. I’ve now wasted a day and a half trying to get back to the original sound quality. I don’t have any more time to waste – so I just need to move on. I foresee working on the project late in the evening next week – and maybe even over the weekend. However I am reluctant to work this weekend.

My house is a dusty, dusty mess – and I have a guest room to put back together. Plus – I want to go to the farmer’s market tomorrow morning and score some great tomatoes and peaches. I’m thinking of making gazpacho with a rustic Italian bread on the side – and another peach cobbler with candied ginger. Doesn’t that sound yummy and refreshing?

Enjoy your weekend, see you on Monday!

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Anonymous said...

How was the peach cobbler with the candied ginger ?? Sounds delish. tp