Monday, July 20, 2009

Steve Hobbs - Blues For a Way of Life

This weekend was interesting. I think there are three major points:

  • I felt like a “wife” this weekend. You know – the support crew for the mighty home repair guy. I have never been to the grocery store or the hardware store so many times in my life. What will I do when Jason leaves on Thursday?
  • Jason is getting to know me too well. He made me watch “The Anal Retentive Chef” I thought Phil Hartman made some excellent points about food size uniformity, garbage removal, and cleaning and didn’t see why this is labeled “comedy”.
  • It seems he’s also figured out that I really don’t like “people”. In fact, Sunday morning on the way home from LOWES and FOOD LION, he commented that maybe it really WAS important that I attend church on a regular basis.

In other news, we ate well. Grilled pork chops with a rosemary/garlic marinade and another panzella salad, steamed green beans, and garlic/olive oil sautéed zucchini plus peach cobbler for dessert. Saturday night we had homemade steamed dumplings and Cashew Chicken and last night it was spicy white chicken chili/homemade salsa last night – with lemon-buttermilk ice cream for dessert.

I also made buttermilk pancakes for breakfast Sunday morning. I was hoping to induce Jason to worship with me. Although he enjoyed the pancakes, no praising God followed. I wonder if it was because he knew I was bribing him to keep at the repair jobs and endure my desire for things to be done, “the right way.”

I will say he gets bonus points as he has yet to say, “I you think you know how to do it, then YOU do it.” Although I have OFFERED to assist.

Tonight we go to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner.

Now onto Steve Hobbs. He’s a local guy – here in North Carolina. A vibraphonist. He lives about 2 miles away from me. He’s frequently seen around the jazz clubs here in Raleigh. With my “love” of my fellow man, “Blues For a Way of Life” just seemed kind of appropriate for today’s title.

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Anonymous said...

I'll bet you've done more shopping since your "handyman" has been there than you've done in years !!!! *o*

So happy your Webenair went so well ! I still am not sure what it is, but guess I'll live not knowing.

Steve Hobbs ???? I thought that was the name of the Winery in California?

I would love to see all the improvements that Jason ? has done to your house. Bet it feels sooo good to get those things finished ! Have dinner for me, tonite, too - lemon cheesecake, strawberry cheesecake, rum cheese cake, etc. You know, alllll the good ones !! tp