Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Peaches - Mommy Complex

Totally NOT jazz.

Jason H.A.T.E.S it. It has me captivated!

Part is the beat – kind of a driving – pushing – in your face sort of thing. Then there’s some distortion … and the lyrics. Totally ear catching.

I won’t fill this space up with them … but you can click here if you want to read them. I think one of the reasons this song works for me is it reminds me of a very hip version of “Hush Little Baby/Mockingbird Son” the children’s lullaby.

Speaking of mothering … Jason gets an A+ for yesterday. I came home from work at noon. I have no idea what hit me. At first I wanted to blame lack of sleep, but I slept in every day over the weekend, so it's not like I was sleep deprived by yesterday. We didn’t really stay out that late Tuesday night. I mean … I was suggesting that we go dancing or something (because clearly I had already lost my mind) after dinner – but Jason wisely said, "No, we should go home." I went to bed by 10pm.

Yesterday morning I had a 7am dentist appointment to have a new crown put on a tooth and a old filing removed & replaced. I go to a dentist that specializes in "fearful" patients - and they are not unused to applying gas just for teeth cleaning. They kind of like to see me come in because I'm pretty dang low maintenance - and don't need any of that stuff. And although I am a big crybaby – I’m really NOT that bad of a patient. I don't fear the dentist - only blood and pain. They do a good job of keep both to a minimum.

So I only had a local anesthetic – no gas – when I was there. But it was really cold in the office and I just couldn't get warm, plus I could barely keep my eyes open. The whole time I was just kind of wishing they'd tell – "now we need to wait an hour" so I could fall asleep. When the appointment was done I came home and took my mini-nap (which is very unlike me). I couldn't seem to warm up then, either, but after 45 minutes I trudged off to the office. One I got here I remained chilled and fuzzy headed. (Plus I was really grumpy - and it's kind of hard to do voice recording and sound pleasant when you feel like crap. I was saying things like, "This is X. Use it so you don't have to call me." <-- not really a great way to help customers use software!)

So – at noon, I went home, put on a nightgown, deprived Jason of loud music while he sanded and painted the guest room ceiling and I went to bed. I slept ‘till 3:30. When I woke, I felt slightly better. But I must have been enough of a zombie that Jason banning me from the kitchen and making dinner. Actually I was pretty happy with his pronouncement, because I was trying to figure out if just scrambled eggs was going to ruin my reputation. Thankfully he was willing to make his own sandwhich and said I was off kitchen duty all together. I ate a bowl of cold cereal around 7:30 pm – left him painting the guest room ceiling – and went back to bed.

I woke up around 6:30 this morning (which made me late for work). But all is well and I feel 100% today.

Poor Jason – he is kind of working against the clock. He has one more coat of paint on that ceiling – and then the cleanup - plus putting everything back in the room. Which includes bring stuff down out of the attic. And the screen door still needs to be hung … along with him doing laundry/packing for his departure tomorrow morning. Poor guy – his plane LEAVES at 6:00 am. I guess we’ll be leaving the house about 4:45 am. Ugg. Although, I’ll be doing the exact same thing next week when I fly to Syracuse.

Once again, today is “Food Wednesday”. Go look at your paper – read the food column – make a plan to cook something good this week. If you don’t have a great resource, I’ll share ONE of mine with you. Today is the début of the N & O’s new food blog “Mouthful”. I really like Andrea Weigl – the food editor/writer for the N and O.

Finally – here’s a pic from Tuesday night.

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Anonymous said...

What a cute pic - love your hair like that !!!! What or who's in Syracuse ? Your house sounds wonderful. Is that a new color on the living room wall behind you ?? tp