Thursday, July 16, 2009

Mark Murphy - Jump for Joy

Can I just tell you I have some of the nicest friends?


Yesterday when I arrived home from work – Jason TOTALLY had the house ready to go for company. The living room was picked up – the floors were swept – all the tools and home repair stuff were stashed in his room – all the random bits of paper debris were in my room – AND he had the table completely set. Wine glasses and all.


The lamb/mint stir fry turned out better than I could have hoped. Which was a good thing since I cut the meat into the thin slices off of a semi-boneless leg of lamb. It took much longer than I anticipated – and if Jason hadn’t done such an excellent job of prepping the house we would have not eaten until nine o’clock.


Beth made a great – light and airy – chocolate cheese cake with whipped cream and blueberries. It was the perfect ending to a great dinner. We had such great conversations – and it was casual and easy – and I don’t think Jason got bored being the only man with four women around the table. Of course, he and Susan were able to have a great conversation about sports – college football and horse racing were the primary topics.


The last test for the webinar (which will be happening in about two and a half-hours) went GREAT yesterday. We have all the technical stuff FINALLY worked out. You can tell the GM is a pilot. We have a check list to run through before and during the presentations. I have to say “check” after I do each step as he reads them off. It kind of makes me giggle – because sometimes I don’t say “check” and he won’t move on to the next item – he just stares are me, and then I stare back – and then I say, “YOU CAN SEE I’VE DONE IT” and he tells me, “this is very serious – follow the rules”. lol


Tonight is writing class – so it’s leftover for dinner. But I don’t think anyone will be complaining.


Wish me luck!


Oh – ps: Mark Murphy has an amazing vocal sound. His phrasing and timing are legendary in the jazz world. One of the things I did for the seminar was find/buy songs that talk about cotton in the lyrics. I found some fun stuff. Unfortunately I didn’t hear this song until I was driving into work this morning. It was a Duke Ellington tune originally.


Fare thee well land of cotton.
Cotton lisle is out of style,
Honey chile
Jump for Joy

Don't you grieve little Eve
All the hounds I do believe
have been killed
Ain't 'cha thrilled?
Jump for Joy

Have you seen pastures groovy?
Green pastures was just a technicolor movie
Tell that boy
"Jump for joy"
Step right in
give Pete some skin and
Jump for Joy

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Anonymous said...

Tell us more about the lamb stir fry ??? Sounds good. tp