Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Karrin Allyson - "Life is a Groove" (Jordu)

Stan Getz’s version is the original (although not the original artist/recording) – without lyrics. Later, Chris Caswell added some lyrics. I really like them.  Especially when sung by Karrin Allyson and Nancy King.


I told you once before, my friend Jordu,

this is the kind of thing I love to do,

so if you say you really want me to,

I’ll play for you


I use to dream of playing jazz all night,

so if you ask me nice, well I just might,

pick up my microphone and sing for you,

only for you


Jazz is a way to get lost,

along the way to work out our cares and woe,

If you close your eyes you will soon realize,

that life’s lesson is to let go


And so my friend you can plainly see,

this is the kind of thing that is for me,

as long as we play in harmony,

life is a groove.


If you’re interested in Karrin, here’s an interview.


Last night (thank you for your patience) Jason took down, put up, took down, put up, took down (and didn’t kill me) and put up the new dining room light. Heh … here’s Karrin singing, “Moanin’”. Perhaps Jason can identify. But the light looks great AND it’s hanging correctly.


He also got the new bathroom vent in – and the last coat of paint on the dinning room ceiling. After dinner (oriental inspired short ribs and zucchini) we put the table back in the dinning room and left the sisal rug out of the room. I then returned all the wine glasses, pictures, and bottles of scotch, Whiskey, Jenever, and rum back on the book shelves.


Tonight we have company coming for dinner. Typically I like to have all the prep work done the night before – and have the table set. But it just didn’t happen. At 10:30 I was ready to call it a night. I’m sure I’ll have it all ready to go when the guests show up.


Today at work there’ll be more practice with the Webinar interface. We had a “sound check” yesterday. I guess today I’ll go for a “full dress rehearsal” today. I think it’s all crap. But then again, that’s usually my opinion, isn’t it? Tomorrow is the big day. We deploy the first session at 11 am EST and the second session at 2 pm EST. I’m not really looking forward to it all. Oh well.



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Anonymous said...

Okay - I'll bite - what is a Webinar interface? Did you pass it? Did you eat it ? Or did you dress it ?
Anyway, hope it went well !! tp