Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Frank Sinatra - There's a Small Hotel

Whee – by this time tomorrow I’ll be in the air headed toward Philly. A brief layover and then I’ll be Syracuse bound. Once I get there, we’ll be heading just north of the Jacques Cartier State park – to our “small hotel”. Only it will be better than a hotel – because it’s an old family home. And it has a KITCHEN.

I am so excited about this trip. Chris and I were talking about it just yesterday. It doesn’t matter if it rains the whole time we’re there and we never get off the porch and out on the St. Laurence River. For all of us – the “point” of the trip isn’t sightseeing – or going to the best restaurant – or anything beyond sharing time with wonderful friends.

We know the food’s going to spectacular – how could it not with all of us cooking? There’s homemade pasta in my future – and tomatoes and basil and who knows what else? And WHO CARES?? 'Cause it’s all going to be easy and relaxed. No rushing here and there - no schedules to keep. I can already see myself creeping into the kitchen in the morning – to find really strong robust coffee brewing (or waiting for me to make it).

Sipping the hot beverage on the porch – some quiet time – and birds singing – a book laying in my lap. Perhaps the newspaper. How could any morning be any better?

Dinner with Dilly was great last night. My Spanish tortilla turned out great. It had the fried potatoes (red, yellow, and purple!), sautéed squash w/garlic and mushrooms all nestled on top of a layer of sliced homegrown tomatoes. I cannot wait for lunch today. It was so delicious.

I started out making a tomato/bread salad to go with it – but realized I had some Serrano chilies and cucumber – plus some Mexican cheese and no Kalamata olives – so instead I made a “Gazpacho” salad. It was quite yummy – and carried through on the “Spanish” flavors. I also happened to have a great bottle of white Argentinean wine to go with the meal. It was Don Rodolfo’s Torrontes. A perfect match.

We had fresh cheeries for dessert instead of the peaches. She said she couldn't find any good ones. I haven't been able to find any either. The cherries this year are amazing - but I think it's going to be a bust in the peach department.

Okay – lots to do today here at work – and at home tonight to get packed. I need to leave the house about 5:15 am tomorrow morning! Have a great food Wednesday everyone!

Here’s a great summer slaw recipe that’s not weighed down with mayo. Go forth – discover and cook!


mamie said...

Sounds like you have certainly made good use of the tomatoes! Have a great trip.

G Liz said...

Hey Mit!!! Your trip sounds amazing!!! I hope you have a blast!

I'm just catching up on blogs due to housesitting for friends who only have dial-up, so it's been awhile since I've had a chance to read up on you all.

Miss you!!!