Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Dianne Reeves - Loads of Love

I like the opening of this piece. The bass and the vocalist are just “noodleing” around. She’s got such a crisp delivery too once she starts singing. Each word precisely enunciated. Plus her voice. It’s nice and deep and enveloping.


These are my favorite lines from the lyrics:


I've got the answer now it's not how much but how
I do not ask for bliss I guess it all boils down to this I guess
I just want money and then more money and loads of lovely love
Loads of lovely love...
I want my dinner, some smart conversation, a nice position will do
But I want loads and loads and loads of lovely love


I had my wish last night. Dr. Whiny and I went out for dinner to “The Pit”. He wanted some “man-food” and I didn’t want most of the places he frequents. It was a great solution. We walked in on a VERY busy Monday night. There was a half-hour wait time for tables. We decided to go ahead and add our name to the list – and sit in the (very crowded) bar area. The good doctor has pretty good eye sight even though he forgot his glasses and immediately snagged us a two top. Luckily there was a waitperson designated to serve the bar area and we were in business.


The food was good – we’ll make this a regular stop. But even BETTER was the beer I had! It was the Black Mamba from Bear Republic Brewing Company in Healdsburg, CA. I went on line to find out more about the beer, but quickly realized it’s a seasonal brew – and it’s only available in draft form. So – you’ll just have to rely on MY impressions.


It’s a dark deer – in color. But surprisingly light in body, not heavy and dense at all. It had some nice caramel/chocolate notes going on, with just a little bit of hoppy bite. It went nicely with the pulled pork, but even better with the fried chicken. And it even stood up to the banana pudding for dessert.


Of course, anytime I’m with the doc we have great conversations. It ranged from his recent trip to Colorado, the Journey/Hart concert at the Red Rocks – to my writing, family matters on both sides, strategies for day trading, promises to cook together soon, and more dinning outings.


Today – Dilly is driving to North Carolina for a job interview – and I’ll be cooking dinner for us. I’ve decided to (once again) make a Spanish tortilla. It will have CSA potatoes – and neighborhood tomatoes! I think it will be great. Plus a panzella salad on the side – and a lovely bottle of Spanish white wine. For dessert I am thinking of making these …


photo credit: Romulo Yanes

Peaches under Meringue! Don’t they look delightful?


Okay – back to work for me. Have a great Tuesday everyone!

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