Friday, June 12, 2009

Nancy Wilson - I don't ever remember growing up

Alternately entitled – “I don’t ever remember hating a song so much”. Which is kind of surprising because I LIKE Nancy Wilson (not of the Wilson sister’s fame and the band “Heart”, the other Nancy).

I’ve looked all over for the lyrics – and of course CANNOT FIND THEM – which just fits in perfect with the theme of today’s post which is “I hate everything”.

As I looked for the lyrics, it became apparent the originator of this song was Andy Williams. And it’s sentimental and crappy and makes me grumpy – and they’ve played this same damn song every morning this week. CUT IT OUT – WSHA! It’s from 2006 – give it a rest! The album title is “Turned to Blue” – and I bet it got its name because the production team threatened to hold their breath if they ever had to hear this song again. However, here is a video and song by her that I like. Appropriately named, “Drinking Again

The irritating mood started yesterday as I was working with the video. It’s bad enough this project is frustrating to begin with … but of course – having to deal with numbers (which is all out software does) is a huge pain-in-the-butt for me. As I shared with Didi yesterday,

"it's really evident as I watch the rough cut how much I struggle with numbers. I have to repeatedly go back an re-narrate sections because I've totally read numbers wrong. At one point I'm pointing to a number and say "fifty-three thousand pounds" - and the number is really 54300. The GM doesn't mind that I've rounded - but apparently you can't point to 54k and say 53k."

There's another place where I have to add 4 to a number to arrive at an ending load number. I just straight out say in the video, 'So we'll start with load 19 .... and now I'm counting on my fingers, 19, 20, 21, 22' so I know our ending load, the fourth load, it number 22."

In yet ANOTHER instance I'm trying to outline how a number is calculated. I have the calculation listed on the screen in front of me - all the math is done for me. And yet when I read it - my voice always has this "happy surprised sound" when I announce the result of each segment of the calculation. I re-recorded it three times. Every time is like a big happy surprise to me.

I was being pretty good natured about the whole thing – until I stumbled upon YET ANOTHER aspect of the program that needed me to explain how an equation works. I had to create a graphic – great – the graphic didn’t add up. BIG SURPRISE, right? Anyway – found my mistake – 53340 instead of 53400 – and then my computer decided it was time to install some updates – and just shut itself down. Without anything saved.

Got that back – and was down to the last segment – 3 minutes or less – and I had to change the way a link was working – because (let’s all say it together) I am dyslexic – and couldn’t type the f’ing letters in correct – which? When I changed the subdirectory the link pointed to so there were fewer letters to try and type? RUINED ALL 50 MINUTES OF PRODUCTION THAT I’D BEEN WORKING ON THE FOR THE LAST WEEK.

Of course when I announced what happened – no one in the office cared or was concerned – which just further irritated me.

In the middle of the night I had a dream (and if that doesn't tell you how pathetic my life is, I don't know what does) about how to fix the production problem. I think it’s all better. I’ll be testing in just a moment to see. But I am still mad that no one here seems to be concerned – or interested in trying to help me solve the dilemma or make anything easier for me. (and I'm quite pleased to be having this pity party for one too! "Please sir, may I have another bottle of bitter?")

On the way to work today there was this SANCTAMOUS BITCH in front of me – with all of her PETA stickers – and slogans about animals and that’s when I realized I was still really, really angry. Because I seriously thought about getting all up in her bumper and then after the wreck saying “ops”.

Clearly – since I am not in jail – and my car is in one piece I managed to curb my desire to STAB AND KILL another living thing. But honestly – I am pretty sick and tired of people thinking I need to be informed of their politics and beliefs. I don’t like lima beans – but you don’t see me plastering the earth with bumper stickers about the evils of the LIMA BEAN.

Here’s one happy note to end the rant on. I saw this car the other day. It made me happy – until I saw how much it cost. *sigh*

I guess I’ll have to wait ‘till next year to plunk down my $85k (or is it $58k .. .or $5,800 ... or perhaps $85.00).


Anonymous said...

Whatever the price, I don't see it in YOUR lifetime ! *o*

Sorry you had such a crappy day. It wasn't a good one for us either - our stars must be crossed up there! tp

Anonymous said...

I feel your pain!!!

What is it with these upgrades, anyway?