Monday, June 15, 2009

Kenny Burrell - Chitlins Con Carne

The REAL song I wanted to listen to again was off of Kenny’s album “Prime Time at the Downtown Room”. And the cut was “Single Petal of a Rose”. But … yah … obscure song – can’t find a listen for it anywhere. Well, here’s a snippet from Amazon.

Another well known song of Kenny’s is Chitlins Con Carne. I went poking around for some background on the song name – and stumbled up a review where the writer was an idiot. He said, “Chitlins means meat – and so does Carne so Kenny’s song is meat with meat. Can I repeat I.D.I.O.T.”

Anyone worth their pork knows that Chitlins is a specific TYPE of meat – cooked in a specific way. Funny about that specifics. That’s what were always being told to include in our writing. FIND THE SPECIFIC – not the generalities.

Another note about Chitlins Con Carne – another famous guitarist, Stevie Ray Vaughn, also recorded this song. Of course – there’s a link there too – as he’s a southern fried guitarist – steeped in the culture of the blues.

As I was looking for Single Petal of a Rose I found another link – not between Stevie and Kenny – but back to jazz. Kenny was covering one of Duke Ellington’s bass and piano tunes, “Single Petal”.

The weekend was good. Got some light house cleaning done. Grilled some pork chops with a blackberry/sage sauce. In the middle of enjoying the yumminess there was a pounding at my door. My friend GLiz and her co-worker Beachy were on my porch. It was Beachy's b’day – and as a gift, she was taking him to The Men’s Club to watch some mud wrestling. They kidnapped me ... and it is clear I survived as I am here today blogging.

Sunday I took a two hour nap after church – then brined a cut up chicken in lemon and tarragon. Dinner was great – the chicken went nicely with the zucchini/tarragon pasta as a side.

How was your weekend?

This Monday is starting out foggy and muggy. 80% chance of showers this morning – and again late this afternoon. Guess that’s not really news here in the south.


Anonymous said...

Thought about calling you Sun. afternoon - glad I didn't now.
Both meals sound good/great !
When does the subject matter of
Jazz change ? *O* tp

I H8 24 said...

So, tell us about Mit going to the mud wrestling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

G Liz said...

Ha!!! I'm so glad you came with us...I got barked at by a colleague at work today because I was laughing so loud over the weekend! :-)

Keetha said...

That blackberry sage sauce sounds wonderful!